Homeless Math Teacher


Ok ok guys. let’s be honest. In Seattle, you don’t get real half and half at the coffee station and you have to build your own desk to show how frugal you are. Those perks are only available in SF. So while marcus335 is up $20K/yr, he will have to pay for his own half and half and use a screwdriver for once in his life… What a bummer. :stuck_out_tongue:


@buyinghouse. If you think that was the point, I’m not going to explain it again.

I put MCT oil and protein powder in my coffee, so I have to bring that anyway. I don’t think any company provides that.


At least Seatlte property tax increases much slower than property appreciation. And WA prohibits rent control. I would move there if weather pattern changes

How are immigrants treated in Seattle? It’s a really blue city with a very white population.


I have a lot of Indian and Asian co-workers. They enjoy it. There are Indian restaurants and Asian grocery stores. I’m not sure how they compare to Bay Area. My co-workers love the Indian food trucks. They will say that they avoid the rest of the state, because it’s very redneck. I haven’t explored too much outside Seattle, but they appear correct. I drove about 2 hours north today. I saw a sign that said abortion stops 3600 beating hearts a day. I clearly left the blue area and was in a red zone. I don’t see very many Hispanic people.


Inching closer…



Why sacrifice one for the other. How about have my cake and eat it :slight_smile:


From someone who has no kiddies and is a landlord, I say bravo Fab 7x7!!! Always be the leader city that you are, not a wanna be…


Wow what a concept. Just follow the rules and get approval.
Isn’t that the law? If so the the City of SF has been violating the law on almost every project in the last 40 years…


Who knows what criteria the SF Planning Commission is using this or next week? Either they want to preserve a building based on historical value (some dubious at best) or they kowtow to the anti-gentrification crowd.


Planners consider their constituents to be homeless. In fact they are committed to making all San Franciscans homeless… equally for all


Another homeless teacher, this time in SV and teaching English…


The higher education is to blame for homeless professor. More and more colleges are hiring adjunct professors to teach. These are non-tenure track positions with almost zero job security. Their pay is also squeezed to bare minimum. College professor used to be a decent job It is now becoming something similar to the job seekers on HD parking lots.


Shouldn’t my taxes be paying her a living wage? Where exactly is that money going???


I won’t mind paying more taxes to support teachers. They are teaching the future generation.
But where is the money gone to?


If you look at the budge change between 2013 to 2015, the biggest change for UC is student financial aid and retiree/employee benefits. We have some structural problems. It will take a bull in the china store to fix those.


Meanwhile, college administrators earn six figure plus salaries with full pension. It explains where all the tuition increases are going and how they aren’t benefiting the education of the students.

If you compare to 1980, student growth is 10%. Faculty growth is 10%. Administrator growth is 400%.


Wages are not the issue…the housing shortage is the issue…Raise wages, rents just go up…build more houses, pay carpenters more money…they can’t afford to live in the BA either…