Hot Stocks for Blockchain


Some of the hot stocks on blockchain can be better investment than bitcoin.

What’s your take on OSTK and KODK?


Forget them. Go back to your basics of Fang, ant, and bat.


Those are for investors. What do you recommend for speculation? Since bicoin bubble thread has become the #1 thread, I think speculations should be focused on coins and chains.


I don’t recommend to speculate ever.


Bought KODK today at 4.25. Already have a sell order at 7.5. May need to adjust upward as it goes, but I promise to sell half at 12.


If you want to speculate, then leverage up with options. BA Jun 270 calls are up 138% in just a few weeks, and there’s no risk of BA going to zero. At $270 strike the time premium was near zero to get 6 months of gains. $2,263 bought you the rights to all the gains of 100 shares of stock that would cost ~$29,000 to buy. That’s over 10x leverage for a 6 month play that costs almost no time premium. You get all the upside while your downside is only the $2,263 which is 7.8% of the stock price. You can put the $27,000 you didn’t need to use buying BA into something high yielding. If you want to go really crazy, then spend the whole $29,000 on options and really lever up.


KODK will not go to zero in 6 months or 5 years. I think the risk with KODK is lower than options with an expiration dates. KODK went through the bankruptcy in 2012, hope the company is now nimple and smarter with new technology. The brand name should be worth more than 130M.

BA doubled in the last 12 months, it’s a hot stock as well :grin:


Is this going to materially change KODK revenue going forward?


The bigger question is that is this going to materially change his net worth going forward?


It’s a new business and could take some time to develop. But if it’s successful, it can easily justify a $15 price. It was $15 12 months ago, I have not studied why it went down to 3. But with the ICO, it wont matter for a few months at least.

As I typed, KODK is already 5.75 from my price at 4.25. Better than bitcoin. I’ll need to monitor this daily so it’s not easy money


Let’s use this thread to post alerts for new hot crypto stocks. Before the bubble bursts, there should be plenty of hot stocks to speculate on. Holding period needs to be limited to 3 months to limit risk, better to get out too early rather than too late.

Speculate at our own risk.


I don’t trust stocks. RE is better than stocks for steady net worth increase. Speculation on stocks is just a mental exercise. Key is to limit loss since gain is easier than limiting loss.

I love to speculate on stocks during the mania. Hope I will get out before it’s too late.

Just changed my sell order at 7.5 to 15. 7.5 could be reached today, I want to hold for at least one week,


Are your friends and relatives of similar views?


how do you find out and buy in KODK that quick? from news?


Some of the people I know share the similar view. I do not know whether it’s the majority, but many people think RE is a good investment though I did not ask them to choose between stocks and RE. However, I guess many people have more money in RE than stocks.

Elitists think stocks is better than RE, I used to believe what I read as well.


From this thread Bitcoin Bubble


Just for info, middle class has most of their net worth in RE. UHNWIs (except those in RE business) has more in stocks, RE is usually limited to primary, vacation homes and properties for business associates.

You can do a web search on above to satisfy yourself is true, I think there are many studies done.

You can believe whatever you want, I believe only in data and evidence.


yeah, stocks is for UHNW. WS can stop promoting stocks to the mass population, just keep stocks for elitists to get rich secretly.


KODK was selling for $35 in 2014. It has been going down for 4 years in this bull market. I secretly wish it can go back to 35.

42M shares outstanding, 22M floating. Today’s trading volume is 32M so far. New shareholders could pump this to 35 through their social circles. Tomorrow, KODK will become a household name again :rofl:


2014: $2.046
2015: $1.709
2016: $1.543

Revenue is declining pretty badly. Unless this turns them back to revenue growth, any price pop will be short lived. The stock is already up 128%. Is revenue going to increase 128%?