Hot Stocks for Blockchain


Most likely zero


How come Kodak dropped so much today??? :rofl:


I don’t think any of us can claim every investment we’ve made is a winner.


Loss of momentum. It’s still up a lot since 2 days ago.

If you have a profit, it’s a winner. Otherwise it’s a loser. KODK is still a big winner for me, and it could be a bigger winner if I sold yesterday. Where else do you get a more than double in 2 days?

What’s the next hot stock?


Fool’s errand. @hanera losing his lunch is proving the point.


I like to buy the hot stock prior to its major jump, not after


Instead of GBTC, I decided to buy Tcehy today. I’ve had A part for a while now (did not get in with IPO but shortly afer). I am still looking at crypto and GBTC since two of my fav nephews are very into this (they are millenials). I am old and boring like my boomer generation.


We need some young blood here… we’re all old vampires… :rofl: why don’t you ask your nephews and nieces to join the forum?


I’ll do that. One is still in college but investing what he makes on crypto and has been doing quite well. His oldest bro got him interested in this.


Yes, I would also like to buy lottery numbers after they were announced, not before.


if cryptocoins drops 90%, run to your iras and buy it :slight_smile:


Losing $20k in one day is not losing my lunch, is more! Can I crowdsource here please.


Did you really buy yesterday? How many shares?


You’re right. wuqijun is wrong. Good answer?


Good for you. But Tuesday was a great time to buy at 4 something. It’s hard to catch a perfect moment like that


Fear and greed. Pigs get slaughtered… Kodak is a loser


How’s he right? How am I wrong?


KODK still holds nicely. Let’s see whether it can rocket again next week :rofl:


I didn’t buy any KODK :slight_smile: One totally careless bet, LQMT, is enough. No need for more :grinning: