Hot Stocks for Blockchain


Just not a big market!!
This is a dying company shamelessly using blockchain hype to save itself… pathetic…


How does Kodak generate billion dollar revenue? We can treat it as a blockchain startup with a billion dollar revenue. I hope it can acquire a good startup to make it shine again.

It’s selling its brand name to many businesses. Not sure how much revenue it can generate


Here are there products… other people’s photos is a very small part of their business


Kodak could be a good aquisition target by a no name Chinese manufacturer. If nothing else, the name is worth some money.

This stock price runup can remind people of this household name again


They are using blockchain for a very narrow and specific purpose. It’ll only make them money if people decide to buy photos.


They know they won’t make any money on the photos . They know it is a tiny part of their business… they are shameful liars ala Musk


Alright, monday i am PUT’ing them, slowly, every week, will buy some contracts.


Expiration date? That’s the hardest thing with options. The longer the time period the more you pay for them. If you don’t go long enough, they could expire before you’re right.


If it reaches 35 or 25 this week, I’ll sell out before Monday :rofl:


i was thinking july 2018, but not sure if there is any volume.


sounds like a win-win scenario for both of us.

Or i am gonna lose some :slight_smile:


Kodak has been steadily dropping today on lower and lower volume. Did @hanera jinx it? jk


It has lost momentum. Should I dump today or tomorrow? It could be normal consolidation.

Maybe half today and half tomorrow and forget this one day trick


The puts are so expensive. It’d have to decline a bunch more just to break even.


Call is also very expensive.

Maybe just sell and wait for another hot trade. No need to extract the last drop from KODK.

Movement seems to be controlled by professionals, better escape from them


Losing so much money and you want to j/k with me?
Empathy please :rage:


Show proof of the purchase before any empathy :rofl:


@hanera: so who is greedy and delusional now? :rofl:


I don’t believe hanera bought any KODK, he was just joking.

I dumped all KODK. Should have done it yesterday. Remove greed from my mind asap


Yes, definitely not 100k for sure. Maybe 10k at most.