Housing Bubble Talk

Shhhhh…don’t wake up the zombies…:sunglasses:

Are you going to sell then?

Didn’t I say don’t wake up the zombies? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, why should I sell? I can sustain anything happening here in CA. “We the people” over here are brave and resilient. Not like some people…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How’s the weather over there Marcus?:innocent:

If you think it’s a bubble and are hoping for a crash, then you should sell and cash out. The weather is fine.

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  1. Mortgage rate increase, 2) Tax deduction decrease, 3) Rent is getting reduced, 4) H1B’s are scared to buy will apply pressure on local real estate.

There’s still so little inventory it won’t matter. So maybe we go from 20+ bidders to 10+. Prices will still go higher. For prices to go lower, you’d need a massive increase in sellers. 2008/9 happened because you had a massive decrease in buyers (credit froze) and a massive increase in sellers.

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That will come if Trump manages to push through his plan to disallow deducting state and local income tax, and property tax. Btw, referring to SFBA only. So the drop could be sudden and sharp as I said many times because many don’t believe Trump could push through. Is rare that property prices drop sharply but this is going to happen because Trump is also rare :joy:

People aren’t going to just quit their current job and leave. They’ll need to find new jobs elsewhere first. Data says bay area people were already doing that and housing was still going higher.

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Let’s just hope that his success rate of passing legislation without one hurdle/one correction/one deletion continues…

I guess now we see how people really feel. There was a lot of support for taxing the 1% more to help the poor. Now that some people realize the government might reach into their pocket to help the poor they are suddenly against it. That’s real noble.

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Wait a minute, is that what is really happening with this crap tax legislation???


There two ways to look at it. 1) Massive increase in sellers or 2) Less demand to buy.

Previously, people demand is increased when rent is going beyond the level. People used to compare


Going forward, it is going to be


Here, discouraging factors brings less demand is likely happen as there are no INCENTIVE to buy.


No, it’s what Hillary and Bernie both campaigned on that had a ton of support from their base. This board is almost all Hillary supporters. Who here complained that Hillary wanted to raise taxes on the 1% to help the poor? Most people here supported it, since they didn’t think it’d impact their wallet. Now that they’re potentially being asked to pay more they don’t like it at all. I thought helping the poor was important? I thought all these federal government programs were important? Oh, right. It’s only important if it’d paid for by other people’s money.

Well, I am a moderate Republican who actually confessed to voting for Mrs. Bill, thinking well she is more experienced than The Donald. I had to once again vote for the lesser of two evils, even if it meant going to the other side of the aisle. All I know is, if this is the first 100 days, we are really in for a rough ride, gang…



Pssttt…the elections are over. We have a new liar in the white house. Move on! Qualify, discredit, criticize whatever is said and done “today”.

House price has to decrease and rent has to increase till a new equilibrium is reached :grin:
Time to evaluate which rental properties (if you have many) to eject.
What should be the criteria?

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Anyway, it doesn’t matter what they do to help the non-existen in need poor people with not paying taxes they don’t pay. What matters, again, it is the lying. I can bring videos where Twhitler said he would raise taxes on the rich, and fighting wall street=the swamp, but the supporters will just read and keep going, it doesn’t help their leader, the liar in the white house.

Things to consider:
1- Property taxes gone for deduction.
2- Interests on the money you borrow went up.
3- If the 20% tariff on Canadian wood still active, it will increase the price for fixing or remodeling or the price of a home, we don’t know with this poor guy, one day is yes, the next one is no. That will put another notch on the desire to buy a home.

4- Consumer confidence at the lowest level in 9 years.
5- Rumors of 401K rules being changed.
6- Mumbling jumbling about a war against N Korea.
7- His open mouth.

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Good choice of word.