How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


I already addressed the calendar entry. She didn’t even name Timmy as there, and it was at his house.

Mitchell said not only would it not be enough to press charges it wouldn’t be enough to justify a warrant. That’s a pretty low bar.

Her multiple statements conflict with each other. She remembers perfectly that 30+ years ago it was Kavanaugh. Yet, she can’t remember if she sent therapist notes to the Washington Post, read them, or verbally summarized them. The therapist notes are her alleged best proof, and she won’t release them. All we have is her word for what’s in them. It was 4 people in the room then 2 people. She has no idea how she got to the party or got home. She’s terrified of flying, but she seems to fly pretty regularly. She’s describe it as early 80’s, mid 80’s, and some how settled on 1982. She is in no way a credible witness.

Oh, and she keeps adding to her legal/advisor team and seemed to have no idea how she was going to pay for them.


She’s a good actor. Obviously people don’t read what we post. They only listen to msm. Very sheepy


I didn’t read all of the posts, but I say she is more credible because she answered the questions as honestly and as best as she could, and much of it adds up-- the same could not be said for BK.

Timmy’s house was where the group was supposed to meet for “skis”
BK was determined to paint himself as a hard-working, church-going boy and NOT a heavy drinker, conveniently forgetting where he describes he and his HS gang as “loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers among us.”

As for Blasey Ford clearly remembering Kavanaugh but not the details of date or travel, you will recall her explanation for it as the way the brain processeses memories, which is also found in the linked article: "That’s because a high-stress state “alters the function of the hippocampus and puts it into a super-encoding mode,” says Hopper, especially early on during an event. And “the central details [of the event] get burned into their memory and they may never forget them.”

For example, when you wrote “mental gymnastics” earlier, I immediately flashed back to my the teacher of my W. Civ class in HS (a single, older male who was normally quite stoic), because he always used this phrase to refer to exams. I remember his name, exactly what he looked like, the classroom and where my seat was. And I can remember the day he stood frozen in front of the board, choking back tears sharing how his father just died. His emotions spread through the class in silence. That memory is strong and detailed. I don’t remember anything else from that course though.

Blasey Ford has agreed to share her therapy notes (which may contain errors on the part of the therapist taking the notes- such as the number of people in the room- as mentioned in the hearing) when questioned by the FBI but as of Wednesday, they were not permitted to speak with Ford and Kavanaugh for the investigation:

If you have experienced trauma, you will try to find some way to escape the feeling. How you got away is not always going to be remembered. She could have ran 10 miles for her life without remembering it.


her answers are full of flaws, it matches the date/time because she changed it if you read it.
Heavy drinker-> it’s all ppl say, do you have prove? DUI record is a good one, does he not show up to basketball practice , drunk showing up? drunk showing up to class? these are more valid than just someone talk

All your accusation is based on opinion, not evidence.
it’s guess, assumption.


That’s interesting because the senate committee asked for the therapist notes, so they could see them. Her lawyers stonewalled them. It’s a confirmation hearing, so the senate committee controls the outcome. Unless she’s pressing charges and making it a criminal matter, why do they keep insisting on FBI involvement? If that was the goal, then she should have gone to the FBI not her senator.

The rest of my points about her consistencies still stand. She was really good when reading from a written statement. The rest of the time she seems lost and confused.

You don’t think it’s odd people point to it must have been at TImmy’s house, but Timmy wasn’t one of the people there?


I don’t blame her for not turning over her notes (which may contain other unrelated personal information) to the senate committee when she had no way of knowing how they would be used. The FBI would be expected impartial. She has stated she did not know who to go to, and her actions seem to support this.

No, I think it’s possible they could have gone to Timmy’s house for beers and intoxication first. What I find odd is that people think she could have randomly named these people without knowing them (according to Kavanaugh).


Then why was her first move to go to her senator and not the FBI?

The theory is getting pretty thin now.


let me guess what can be next

  1. FBI didn’t do a full investigation
  2. kavanaugh drunk/rape already used, so next maybe impolite, Hm… let’s make him a pervert, they’ll find some witness claiming him read playboy to jerkoff and go to woman’s bathroom and peek.
  3. he don’t manage his finance good, so he can’t be a judge.


Man, if people objectively looked at that long laundry list of achievements that I borrowed from a web story, he would be a shoo-in for the Court…


You forgot that political resumes don’t mean a thing. Trump is the classic example.


Agreed, but if people wanted to use the excuse that “he is not qualified”, well, his achievements on the job say otherwise.


Do you interview your job applicants? Or do you just look at the resumes and decide right there?

What happened if your candidate kept saying he likes beer, emotional, cries, evasive about the questions you ask him, keeps telling lies obvious to you, combative and all around disrespectful? Do you still want him on your team because he has a good looking resume on paper?

I don’t know about you, but I want my Supreme Court justice at least be more composed and not peddle Clinton conspiracy. Act like an impartial judge instead of a partisan hack. Is that too much to ask?


asking 50 somehting year old man about him drinking in high school and early college, I guess you never manage someone or interview someone before. Candidate will complaint to HR and i’ll be in deep shit


You ever hired a man with multiple women telling you he did fishy stuff while drunk? Curious how your HR would react.


there’s a guy accuse hiding in woman’s bathroom and got busted, this is what we heard and talk about. but then after investigation by security team, i think around 1.5 months, he’s back to work. ALL CLEARED.
Accused vs commited is different.


Yup. So if multiple women tell you allegations and you happened to be interviewing the man, you don’t think it’s appropriate to at least ask him about them?


Ever heard of the term “a person’s body of work?” Now, I get it, the accusations are something to consider but if anyone was asleep for the last few months, and literally saw all this I would think they would find this to be a good candidate.

  • On the night of his nomination, USA Today reported that “[o]n paper … Kavanaugh may be the most qualified Supreme Court nominee in generations.”
  • The American Bar Association unanimously gave him its highest rating: well-qualified.
  • He has served on the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, often called the Nation’s “second highest court,” for more than 12 years.
    • He has written more than 300 opinions and heard more than 2,000 cases.
    • At least 13 of his opinions have been vindicated by the Supreme Court—an unparalleled record of influence and success across the ideological spectrum.
  • He is a co-author of a leading book on judicial precedent and has published nine articles in respected academic law journals.
  • He has taught for more than a decade at the Nation’s two top law schools, Yale and Harvard (where he was hired by then-Dean and now-Justice Elena Kagan).
    • The New York Times noted that his teaching evaluations reflect “glowing praise … [m]ore than a few students said he was the most impressive law school professor they had ever encountered.”
  • He clerked for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who became a mentor.
  • He has argued before the Supreme Court.
  • He served more than five years in the White House, including as White House Staff Secretary and as Associate White House Counsel.
  • He was a partner at a respected law firm, where he wrote several Supreme Court briefs and also provided pro bono legal services to a range of clients.
  • He is a graduate of Yale College and Yale Law School, where he was an editor on law review.

INDEPENDENT AND IMPARTIAL: Judge Kavanaugh has a clear record as an independent and impartial arbiter of the law.

  • He bases his rulings on the law—not politics, policy, or the identities of the litigants.
  • He has ruled both for and against businesses, workers, environmentalists, landowners, civil-rights plaintiffs, political parties, and criminal defendants.
    • He ruled against the Republican National Committee in one campaign-finance case and in favor of Emily’s List (a liberal pro-choice group) in another campaign-finance case.
    • He ruled in favor of a pro se African-American plaintiff who had been called the “n-word” at work, concluding that he had endured a hostile work environment.
    • He has ruled in favor of convicted drug dealers and murderers who were denied fair trials.
    • He has ruled in favor of environmentalist plaintiffs and the Environmental Protection Agency in some cases, and in favor of Western landowners and coal miners in others.
  • He ruled at least 23 times against Bush Administration agencies from 2006 to 2008.
  • His opinions are as likely to be joined in full by his Democrat-appointed colleagues (88.67 percent) as by his Republican-appointed colleagues (88.94 percent).
    • On at least 10 occasions, he has sided with a Democrat-appointed colleague over the dissent of a Republican-appointed colleague.
  • Chief United States Circuit Judge Garland (appointed by President Clinton and nominated for the Supreme Court by President Obama) has joined Judge Kavanaugh’s majority opinions 96.43 percent of the time.

DEVOTED TO PRECEDENT: Judge Kavanaugh’s work demonstrates a strong devotion to precedent and stability in the law.

  • He co-wrote a leading book on judicial precedent with 10 other judges.
    • The book explains that precedent is critical to stability in the law and “allows individuals to plan their affairs and to safely judge their legal rights.”
  • He has written that it is “essential for courts to be as consistent as we possibly can.”
  • His decisions have invoked stare decisis (the need to follow precedent).
    • In one opinion, he described an earlier decision as “wrongly decided,” but said it was “water over the dam” because he was “bound to apply that precedent.”

MODEL OF CHARACTER: Throughout his career, Judge Kavanaugh has proven to be a model of character, integrity, and public service.

  • His mother, a trailblazing prosecutor and trial judge in Maryland, inspired him to pursue a career in law.
  • He has spent 25 of the 28 years of his career in public service.
  • He tutors low-income students, serves meals to the homeless, and is a lector at church.
  • He coaches his daughters’ basketball teams and serves as a mentor to his players.
    • The mother of one player described how Judge Kavanaugh has taken her daughter to the school’s father-daughter dance every year since her husband passed away.
  • He is a leader for gender equality and for supporting women in the workplace.
    • More than half of the law clerks he has hired (25 of 48) are women.
    • He was the first D.C. Circuit Judge ever to hire an all-female class of law clerks.
    • Eighty-four percent of his female law clerks have gone on to clerk at the Supreme Court.
    • In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, his female law clerks called him “one of the strongest advocates in the federal judiciary for women lawyers” and said the legal profession is “fairer and more equal” because of him.
  • He is a leader in promoting racial equality and advancing minorities in the workplace.
    • He wrote a law review article about ending racial discrimination in jury selection.
    • He regularly visits the Yale and Harvard Black Law Students Association and has taken an active role in helping minority students obtain judicial clerkships.
    • Twenty-seven percent of the law clerks he has hired (13 of 48) are racial/ethnic minorities.
    • More than 10 percent of the law clerks he has hired (5 of 48) are African American—much greater than the percentage of African Americans at top law schools.

What is the Supreme Court? Well, it is a team of justices, not just one person. You make it sound like BK will be alone in a room with a young coed and that would be his job. Please, let’s return to reality. From all accounts and examples in his work life he has done well and has demonstrated fairness and competence. Yeah, can we go and get another guy/gal? Probably. I guess part of me hates that a man’s career has been ruined by someone who has more of an agenda in my opinion as opposed to seeking justice for something that happened so long ago.


how about muliptle woman’s credibility, did they take money from someone or history with the one they’re accusing.

i think you need to stop being a sheep, look at every other of your post history, whatever media tell you , you follow.


I don’t think you understand those 3 words to be honest.


You can’t talk to him sfdragonboy, he don’t look at evidence, he is complete bias because he has daughter and he’s a complete sheep. I’m going to sleep, later