How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


Geez you don’t need to copy and paste that again…


Really? You think I am worried about that? :smile:


I actually wondered before whether he was like this before his daughters were born.


Ok @dioworld… say good night to Melanie for me…


I think people should be more worried if their world view never changes. That would imply there’s no growing.


You are too much of a worrywart. If you are too protective of your daughters it may backlash.


So I’ve been reflecting on memories…

I don’t remember a number of parties I went to as a senior in high school. And I was 100% sober. I remember two, one where I met a future boyfriend who drank a half bottle of tequila (great way to meet), and another after we were dating. I’m pretty sure there were others, though.

And this was '89–later than BK’s parties.

I think this is way too long ago to really remember anything that wasn’t super memorable.


You just revealed your age @Terri


Checks and balances… it exists even within a body like the Supreme Court. I want someone who is really competent in the law and can be objective. From that list of mine, it would appear that before the cameras and media, BK demonstrated that, and some. The only reason why for all the hoopla is simply because the left fears he will overturn Roe vs Wade. Well, he is but one justice and it would take many of the CURRENT justices to go along with it. What are the chances of that?


I think I already did that a while ago :slight_smile:


You realize many SC decisions are 5-4 straightly along party line?

Anyway I am not worried about Roe. It was on shaky legal ground. If it’s overturned either Congress will have to address it on federal level, or each state will have to address it. That’s fine.


Agreed. And people have even blatantly come out and said that. I have to wonder if they’d be complaining about someone who attempted to rape a woman as a teen, but was pro-choice. My suspicion is that they’d be asking people to forgive and forget.



Damn, impressive @netaxcat… not photoshopped…:grinning:


Yes, that is why I said, he is but one justice…


Memory can be faulty. People could be believing in things that never actually happened. I got interested in that over 10 years ago due to my personal experience of faulty memory.


I don’t know why people think BK’s behavior on his last day of testimonial is appropriate for a SC judge. But that’s fine. People see things differently.

As always I am more interested in the political ramifications. The last poll I saw 41% of people disapproved of his appointment, vs 34 or something approving. That’s a new low for SC judge. Millions of people are convinced he lied under oath. Millions have doubt about his sexual conduct. And this guy has been very partisan.

The upshot is millions of Americans will find the SC illegitimate. This will have grave consequences down the road.


You’re assuming that people consider the SC legitimate right now. I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

[I don’t like the word “legitimate” or “illegitimate”, but I think we can agree on the sense you mean]


OK. I think a better word is “faith”. Do you have faith in the court to be impartial, versus just being strictly partisan.

Faith in the court took a big plunge after Gore v Bush.


Oh, so you never had an interview where you didn’t do as well as you would have liked? Come on, he is being accused of things he truly believes he didn’t do. Again, look at a person’s body of work, not a witchhunt session before people who are not objective from the get go.