How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?




Was Bernie on the ballot? Must have missed that.


Must have been Gary Johnson then. Hillary has enough of a trail to know she’s not a decent human being. If you don’t realize that, then you aren’t paying attention.

Confirming Kavanaugh is a victory for innocent men wrongly accused. It’s going to fire up the republican base and even some indepdent voters. Democrats were already fired up, since they are anti Trump. They don’t even have a platform for midterms other than vote for us, so we can obstruct Trump.

The left continues to be exposed as the party of hate and violence.


Go lock all the active felons up. Too many criminals in our street


Constitution allows an active felon congressman or congresswoman to work from prison.


Secret cash competes in an ads war


I voted for Gary. Hillary was bound to win CA anyway. I think Trump is personally disgusting. But actually very effective. He is the only person would will stand up to liberalism and their constant character assasination.
Trump is the only one thing skinned enough to withstand their PC tirades. Tax reform, trade reform. Conservative judges. No one else could do it.
Nice guys like Romney finish last.


If California, the most liberal state, proves to us it will not elect a guy with proven sexual misconduct as the governor, I will start to give liberals more credits. I will return as a member of Democratic party then.


Democrats are tripping over their dicks. They will lose going down the path of which party is less sexually deviant…




Which candidate or governor has proven sexual misconduct?

Seems that Republicans are not afraid to do things against their own party. Democrats have too much partisans, they are always overly unified.

Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, John McCain are often against their own party and reach to the other side of isle. Which democrats are doing the same?




Yep. Hence why I mentioned months ago I won’t vote got Gavin. Will be voting for Cox.


Ok, two undecideds say it’s thorough… What size judge gown you take, BK???



So much for the July, 1st theory

“The FBI interviewed three people who Ford said attended the gathering where she said she was assaulted, as well as two other friends of Kavanaugh’s who were listed on his calendar as attending a gathering on July 1 of the same summer that Ford said she believes the alleged assault occurred.

Ford was never focused on July 1 as the date that the assault occurred, a member of her legal team told The Washington Post this week, emphasizing that the FBI would have known that if agents had interviewed Ford.“

“On Thursday afternoon, attorneys for Ford released a letter they wrote to FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, ticking off the names of eight witnesses who wanted to be interviewed about Ford’s allegation by the FBI. The list included Ford’s husband, Russell; Jeremiah Hanafin, the former FBI agent who conducted Ford’s polygraph exam; and friends of Ford’s whom she confided in about her accusation.”

Sorry but none of those are witnsess. They are people she allegedly told about it after the fact. That’s called hearsay. How would anything they say confirm her story?


Just to be fair, why not interview Mark Judge???


They did. Mark Judge was interviewed. Media reports there is no evidence. But unfortunately the FBI file is confidential


Oops my bad… anything on that note?


No evidence. It’s obvious that the FBI investigation is a way to delay, nobody expected to find something, including Feinstein. Ford mentioned a few people and all of them saying they don’t remember such party previously. It’s unlikely to find any evidence for Ford, the only hope was to receive new allegations in the meantime. Kavanaugh is over 50 years old, it would be easy to get new allegations if he committed sexual misconduct in the last 50 years in addition to Ford’s allegation.

What sexual misconduct did Newsom commit? I remember he had infidelity incident, but not aware of any sexual misconduct.


It’s possible that Ford is telling the truth of her experience, and Kavanaugh is also telling the truth. But since they don’t know each other very well, Ford might have misidentified the attacker.

The only question is why none of the witness could even recall the party Ford is describing. How can all 4 people forget about the party completely? 3 people were not in the bedroom so it would be harmless for them to verify the existence of this party. Is it common for 4 people to forget about a 6 people party that happened 35 year ago?

Ford is an accomplished professor. I don’t think she is lying. If Ford wants to fabricate the story, she can just say that only Kavanaugh and herself were in the bedroom. Mark Judge is detrimental to Ford’s accusation in this case.

Why not another woman to accuse Kavanaugh to have sexual misconduct when only she and kavanaugh were present? That would make it impossible for Kavanaugh to disprove. Why did the other 2 women accuse about a group gathering instead of a 1 on 1 meeting which is easy to discredit?

“ On “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning, Judge Jeanine Pirro joined said Democrats have overplayed their hand in the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation controversy, and it’s going to backfire on them.

She said she believes that Ford was a credible witness when she testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and that Ford was indeed victimized at some point, but that doesn’t mean that Kavanaugh did it.

“Once she made the claim that there were other people there and every one of those so-called witnesses – alibi witnesses – denied everything … it’s not a ‘he said-she said’ anymore,” Judge Jeanine said.”