How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


I need a shirt that says “I stand alone–you guys fight it out.”


Would love to see that chart go all the way back to the 1900s (but especially the 1960s)


If BK is confirmed, and I expect he will be, expect the faith to tumble. The left would be really fired up.


Oh, you mean they will finally go out and vote???


Yup. They will. And you are going to love it. :smile:


Hello? I was expecting that deluge of Left votes last time and here we are…

Never depend on a Democrat. You will be sorry.


Why is Trump so dumb? He should have appointed a woman nominee. That would be an easy process and no man will accuse a woman for sexual misconduct, at least nobody would believe it


Trump is not dumb. He’s covering his legal ass. BK is known to defer to executive power to an exceeding degree. If Mueller ever brings out anything meaty against Trump he needs BK to do him a favor.


Well, it looks that BK will become a Supreme Court judge pretty soon. I think nobody would doubt that. The real motivation for this saga is the midterm. But this can energize the GOP voters more than Democrats because democratic voters are already fired up and the liberal billlionaires always dropped tons of cash into midterm race.

If this kavanaugh news cycle makes democrats to lose midterm, how will liberals assign the blame? They can’t blame Ford, will Feinstein be blamed upon by the democratic socialist party of USA? The chance is slim so the calculation must be the midterms. The democratic socialists are still at the fringe and only the establishment democrats would be responsible.

As long as Democrats win the midterm, nobody will get into trouble, and everyone would be happy.


What’s your definition of losing the midterms?

Most likely Dems will take back the house and Reps will keep the senate. BK won’t change that I think. Maybe Dems will get more house seats because of BK? Senate was tough going in before BK and remains tough.

The state and local level races are actually more important. They will partly decide the map for the next decade.


It’s actually not a super important issue whether Kavanaugh gets installed to the Supreme Court, exactly because GOP will most likely retain Senate. Trump does not really care about Kavanaugh, at least cares much less than Bush.

The only reason for this saga is the midterm. But if this motivates more GOP voters and cause GOP retain House as well, democrats will try to find a blame internally and party leaders from SF will be at risk.

However if Kavanaugh is confirmed next week, how long will media continue to keep kavanaugh the focus?


trump don’t give a shxx about kavanaugh. I’m even thinking he’s setting a trap for democrat, if you watch him past 2 years, he do a lot of things to expose the liberal democrat(i’m not saying the normal ones in 1990s like us). Making them piss and crazy will make them make a lot of mistakes

let’s say FBI investigation

  1. found out kavanaugh got hella issue. rapist , what do you think trump will do. My guess is that FBI investigate this guy 6 times and found nothing previously, that means FBI is so incompetant, we should wipe them out and rebuild FBI, so he fired all the ones against him and put in people he wants

  2. kavanaugh they can’t find nothing. Now Liberals expect them to FXXK at FBI, blame them for pro trump and probably other issue. Then FBI/liberal left democrat relation will not be the same, maybe in the remaining term they’ll be more in the middle

Oh about my take on manch’s bias, if you read his post, he keep saying woman for president, we should we should.
How about instead of man , woman, straight, gay, black, chinese, white, mexican, native indian, indian and other race, pick the best candidate regardless of what gender/race/sexual preference is? don’t you think this is better than forcing limiting yourself to vote for a woman president?

manch will say i’m a sexist, but i just hire a woman to do one of the biggest transaction in a lot of people’s lifetime. sfdragonboy how you think which way melanie likes, i hire you because you’re a woman or i hire you because i think you are the best candidate, the best qualification for this job?


The best candidate is a pretty high bar. How about we ease into by picking candidates who at least don’t have a pile of evidence pointing to tax fraud, lying and sexual misconduct/sexual assault? Baby steps…


in perfect world, absolutely.
in reality. impossible.
And truth is we small potato here won’t really know, all the stuff he know is from media
tax frauds -> let irs take care of it
sexual assault -> let police take care of it
lying -> this one is very tough…i don’t know in my lifetime of one person don’t lie. And a lot of times it’s part of the job too. It’s great to find a person that doesn’t lie though…I wish… but i like my agent honest to me , but lie to other agent… If buying house the other agent wants how much max i wanna give and selling how much lowest i’m willing to go. that’s bad for me you know…


Liberals also love the rights for ex-felon. Can a ex-felon have the right to be elected?


I will keep pasting this until BK is confirmed…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Yes, it has gotten to this point that we can’t trust our Senators to not release a copy of the findings to the public…


Why not? If they have served the time they should be good to go. Donald on the other hand seems to be active felon who hasn’t served his time yet.


Hey, I am on record as to voting for Mrs. Bill. Who did you vote for?


Of course I voted for the only decent human being on the ballot. :smile: