How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?


You can be a felon and hold office. Some states limit the voting rights of felons.


Although, now that I think about it, I probably shouldn’t have liked your post that fast… scary what someone MALE or FEMALE from your past might come up with.


i’ll be your witness, you know what to do right?


Right… :slight_smile:


Oh well. Good thing I’m honest. I don’t lie well either.


So far both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch are moderate Republicans who are close to Bush. Bush has worked really hard to rally support for Kavanaugh.

Supreme Court is more conservative but at the same time it’s only moderately conservative. I think moderation is good. But leftists don’t know how to moderate so it’s still scary.

I hope Democrats can beat out the leftists instead of being taken over.


Kavanaugh hired an all female law clerk team including an African American woman. Political correctness? It’s hard to believe only women can qualify. Is this a gender discrimination?

You can see that he is really really moderate



she still got paid …very good way to get a PTO. :grinning:

Superintendent Mark Zuzek confirmed that the employee was placed on paid administrative leave “pending the outcome of the investigation.”


See, they are having fun already…


Hillary is bitter about it and she refused to be civil


Come on!!!


See, it has nothing to do with accusations of misconduct and everything to do with ideology.

A local race for the house was leaning a few points democrat. It’s now 10 points republican after the whole Kavanaugh thing. That swung a bunch of races towards republicans. The public is speaking loud and clear with their votes even if the people are too scared to say anything publicly for fear of backlash.


Please please please correct this court and save the people in the west coast. This court is extremely leftist and harm the poor people every day.


Let it go, Di, let it go…

Maybe we should reopen the Presidio Terrace street case too…


GOP is wishing for more attacks on Kavanagh before the midterms. Curiously, media almost forgot about Kavanaugh and Dr Ford completely.


In the short news cycle everything is forgotten. The Democrats have forgotten about Mueller. Ford was a gift to Trump.


Yes, an opinion piece but still…


I haven’t filled out my ballot yet, maybe De Leon isn’t such a bad choice.


IMO, De Leon will be worse(if/when he eventually gets to the senate)