How Is The Circus, Err, Hearing Going?

     Fact or Emotion

“Manchin defended his vote in a Sunday interview as being based on fact, not emotion. He praised the women who shared their stories of sexual trauma, Walker among them, but said he “could not find any type of link or connection” that Kavanaugh was a rapist.“

Yes, raise rent to market since tenant will hate you more if you charge a rent under market.

The woman who testified to the Senate about Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, accused him of sexual assault but not rape when they were high school students more than 30 years ago. Two other women stepped forward late in the confirmation process to accuse the appeals court judge of sexual misconduct in high school or college. Their stories resonated with women who had suffered sexual trauma and fueled opposition to Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

“They weren’t going to be satisfied, or their healing process, until we convicted this person,” Manchin told The Associated Press. “I couldn’t do it. You talk about two wrongs trying to make a right. It just wasn’t in my heart and soul to do that.”

Manchin insisted over and over that his vote wasn’t based on politics.




Exactly. Only fairness can last. Any unfair sacrifice will backfire and ruin the relationship.


I don’t recall ever hearing about a tenant complaining about too low of a rent that he/she decided to ruin the relationship…


If you charge a low rent forever, it would be fine. But eventually rent will be increased by you or someone else. At the point, tenant would consider the previous low rent as granted and the new market rent as evil.

You need to update rent every year, increase rent to market in up market and decrease rent in down market. You can charge a lower bound of the market range.

Society treats landlord as a business. You need to be professional and charge a market rent. Amateurish niceness may cause you big trouble and your story will be used to advance rent control regulations.


What’s unfair is the mob mentality behind accusations. The moral police don’t think people should look at the evidence of each case and make an informed decision. People need to blindly side with the accuser in all instances or the moral police will attack. Anything less 100% belief of accuses with zero questions is considered anti-women, promoting rape culture, and a whole host of accusations about moral inferiority.

What blows my mind is democrats portray themselves as the party of women’s rights. They are just as fast to close ranks around accused members, slut shame, and out right deny accusers. The fact women don’t observe that and realize they are being treated poorly by both parties is mind blowing. I guess if you support abortion, then it doesn’t matter how poorly you treat women. They’ll still support you.

What’s even crazier is women are the most against women. You’d think lesbians would be the group that’d be most likely to shun a known abuser. Nope. They invite the abuser and victim to the same social gathering. When the victim says she’s not comfortable attending due to the abuser they say, there’s 2 sides to every story. They end up dropping the victim from their social invite list, since she was being difficult and causing problems.

Meanwhile, one of my friends verbally threatened a female. He was literally blackballed from our social circle. The only person that defended him was his gf who he was treating to cheat on with the woman he threatened. The gf was mad we all remained friends with the victim, since she caused drama be being a victim.

My other 2 experiences are calling the police on a neighbor having a domestic dispute and a friend accused of abuse during a nasty divorce. Once she realized the money was a family trust, so we wasn’t getting any she got nasty. She accused him of abuse. That immediately meant he got 1 hour supervised visit per week with his daughter. Since his family had money, they hired their own private investigators who eventually got a recording of her telling a friend that she made up the whole abuse thing to get back at him for not getting money in the divorce.


she got rich.


Guys and Gals,

Since I am the OP of this thread, shall we term this thread and move on??? We do have the midterm elections coming up. Obviously, the GOP should expect to get hit pretty hard in the upcoming midterm elections but it got the real prize, another conservative Supreme Court Justice for Christ’s sake. That could be decades and decades of wins in terms of rulings…


not sure if GOP will get hit hard or democrat backfired.
ever since the judge thing, trump and GOP inch up a lot, walkaway campaign in facebook was stalled before, but suddenly a big surge within last 2-3 weeks. of course, polls are BS, but just take it as a reference.


Last night on the news, it was reported that voter registration was up too…


This apparently helped GOP a lot. Trump is already saying “hoax”. GOP has been very careful to refute any accusations, but after more facts coming out, more people might start using their brain instead of emotions.

GOP will win more Senator seats for sure. House is harder to predict, it might be a little better for GOP, but not sure whether Democrats will still win the house.

I think that Dems like to forget about these sexual assault accusations ASAP, but GOP may not want to let it go. Also Swetnick and her lawyer don’t what to give up opportunities for more money.


Another Supreme Court vacancy may come up in 2020. Who will vacate?


Wow, talk about a nightmare for the Dems…

Shoulda, coulda, woulda…VOTED!!!


It was ready to be confirmed without drama. But at the last minute, some clever people decided to have a drama to influence midterms. But the result could be contrary to their wishes. Trump was saying a blessing in disguise. I think the public hearing and FBI investigation might have helped GOP more. If Dr Ford only agreed to a private hearing, impact would be smaller. Media also helped with continuous coverage.

GOP was worried about midterms. Now they are confident about Senate. Let’s see how it’ll affect the House.

For the Supreme Court, only the Senate matters. GOP is now confident that they will pick and confirm the next Justice.


Not surprising.
Anita Hill made serious bank for her shenanigans.


I thought no.


I should look it up, but which case was actually more serious? Anita’s case didn’t involve actual physical contact right?


Clarence Thomas is worth 20 times less



Metoo! Metoo! I think I might have met him at a party when I was … 8…and he was visiting my hometown cause I definitely don’t have record of travelling to DC back then. So uhm. Please uhm support my GoFundMe! Please… I need $500K to pay off my Bay Area house.


After what the Dems just pulled the Reps need to cram Amy Barret down their throats, especially if the Reps pick up enough senate seats not to need Collins or Murkowsky. Would love to watch the Dems, especially the CA harpies, try to slap around a woman the way they are so comfortable slapping around a man - and finally, in the end, yack and gag on Barret’s white, conservative, christian you-know-whats.