How the Coronavirus will affect Bay Area Housing Market

Can I say that people are spreading out as opposed to going far away.

They will just eat one each other. That is how such guys finish each other.


Congrats! Do you mean “only” 3 other offers? That’s still pretty hot given the SIP situation. A friend of mine has been making offers at 95124 for a while, still not in contract…

Go back to previous lifestyle. Long ago, people do stay far away from job centers when the traffic was pretty ok. Won’t go far if not 100% remote.

Yes Dridon station is only 5 miles from there

I I sold 10 homes in 95124 so far ( rentals and then flip and sold ) and still Keeping one over there . It’s a great neighborhood

I have a feeling you will get called a proponent of “urban sprawl” as opposed to a promoter of dense core in the center of city and everyone is living with 100 feet of their work. And they come up with idea of walk-able score so that they can hide their hatred for cars and highways behind a benign word.

The concept of everyone being within 100 ft of work is ridiculous especially for two income families. That is why commuting is so congested in the BA. People are commuting in every direction. WFH could change everything.

Wondering that will change. One income with an obedient :grinning: wife that is willing to stay home cooking for you and taking care of kids.

You are living in the 19th century.

Can we wind back the clock?

Wow. Are you a realtor?


Of course. It’s always better to be at SV HQ than far away at some 3rd tier town like Austin.

To my knowledge, whether a person is laid off or not depends upon his or her role, performance, and whether the job is required going forward. This is true for any location. The big cities have a lot more jobs that are temporary or cyclical in nature. Those do not get reported in media. That is why you see Bay Area traffic gets thinner during the period of low economic activity. I have seen lot of jobs going from Bay Area to overseas and other locations within the USA. So, I do not know if proximity to the SV is any guarantee of keeping the job.

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They still aren’t comparing to to percent of total employees in each city.

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Saw this link from a friend, not sure of the accuracy but here you go: Coronavirus & Property Data Map - Lofty AI

South Bay home prices are holding up, but Covid-19’s impact on the market is being felt in another way

Whether and how much 100% remote will take hold in tech companies is a fascinating topic to think through. To me, it’s not whether someone can code for Facebook while sitting in Iowa. Of course they can. Issue to me is whether the decision making process can scale geographically.

If someone is just to carry out decisions made by someone else, and tasks are already planned and distributed to various team members, people can work on their own portion in parallel without much interaction with others. But what if decisions need to be made? This can be small like whether to use this particular technical approach vs another, or bigger business decisions. A couple guys in the office could have come to a decision chatting in the hallway 5 in the afternoon. If one guy is on the east coast and another in Asia somewhere do we expect people to just wait until there is a time slot available to everyone, set up some formal meeting and talk about it for an hour?

Right now everyone is WFH so playing field is level. Wait until a significant portion is back at the office again and I’d like to see how much participation remote people can have in the decision making process. Maybe the managers here can chime in. Could be that technology has advanced enough so it’s no longer an issue. Would love to see some feedback.

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