How To Buy A Home - The Absolute Basics

Yes, it may not apply here in the uber expensive Bay Area but this information is always interesting (or should provide a good laugh)…


Here, add this info too…


Do we have any newbies here? I think we may have scared them all away…

It’s because of people like @hanera always making grandiose claims :slight_smile:

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I will always assume that there are newbies who are on the shy side who may be hesitant to ask a question in fear of getting ridiculed so I post anything and everything hopefully related to RE. We all can learn something on any given day, right???


That’s kind of like who I am… I’m a very shy person always hesitant to ask questions and always fearful of getting ridiculed.

Uhm, very, very hard to believe, sir…


I mean, I used to be like that. Not anymore of course :slight_smile:

For those who like to build models in Excel. here’s something useful:


Here is another good article…

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I’m a newbie! I read all of these articles and now I am sleeping. :sleepy:


How does a newbie find this forum?

I think @manch needs to do his magic to attract users.

I was a virgin back in 2011. I am happy this site is helpful for newbies. :smile:

Literally? :slight_smile:

Disclosures have become a joke…Just unload a lot of boiler plate scary shit on the buyer…Houses aren’t dangerous. …but mold and radon are scary…The buyer is much likely to be killed driving to too many open houses than by any thing lethal in those houses…Maybe agents should be forced to disclose that too…

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Real estate virgin. Yes, literally.

Hello, there are many online sites available who will help you in buying home.

Of course there are, but a lot of people like to do things by themselves too to a certain extent. The more knowledge one possesses, the less one has to depend on others. In an umber competitive and expensive market like here in the Bay Area, it really makes sense to bone up as much as one can on real estate lingo or concepts if for any reason just to be on par with everyone else.