How to Retire at Age 44 with $11M

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Apple kabfvisn

Has been a wonderful ride for me so far! Will be retiring tomorrow and be done with blind as well. Happy to answer any questions.
AGE: 44


Apple kabfvisn

Have been working in apple for about 10 years now. All this time, i had invested heavily on Apple and Amazon shares. My net worth is largely due to appreciation in amazon share value. Thank you

Apple kabfvisn

I am honestly not a stock expert. I am just more lucky than smart. I had invested in AMZN and APPL only and it worked out for me. I never had stocks of any other company

Apple kabfvisn

I had around 3k shares of Amazon that i had invested from very early days when the price was under $200. Kept investing on Amazon till it was around $800. All my net worth is due to stock appreciation. I somehow had the gut feeling about AMZN exploding as a giant company one day, so went all in with it

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If you were to do this today, which stock will it be?


From $200 to $3k, AMZN went up 15 times.

It is too difficult to buy only one, but my preference is TSLA,but I would diversify with TOP 5 companies such as AMZN, AAPL, MSFT, GOOGL and FB.

These companies we can confidently get in when market dips 20% or 30%.

When it hit bottom, I would also prefer some dividend banks like JPM as they are make money at all times, bullish or bearish.

Personally, I am trading S&P ETFs until then.

smarter than Warren Buffet :smile:

None of these look like a 15x’er to me, starting from today’s price. Can’t get to 11m I am afraid.

what do you think will get to 11m?

He has more stock market IQ than John Bogle. :grin:

None. Choose :point_up: from SAH/ WFH/ :partly_sunny: stocks with market cap less than $20B market cap.

Btw I estimate he invested at least $2M to get $11M. Not that great return. 15x is day one. Could be a small sum.

Annualized return of less than 20%, so worse than WB. Also only 10 years. No big deal.

Bloggers like @jil @marcus335 @manch @wuqijun have higher annualized return.

When amazon stock was $200, it was a 100B company. So my question is, is it actually a surer bet on something that’s 100B today, and has already shown it’s got the special sauce to go to 1T and beyond? Versus something less than 10B and betting it to go to 100B?

Agreed, none of these stocks will get you 15x.

If you really want to know how to get Millions on stock market, find out your edge (what you are good at it) in stock market, and do some hard reading to understand the early birds as if you own the company (as if you are CEO).

You have choose the early bird (like TSLA or SHOP or NVDA or even TDOC) when they are priced below 50 and their market cap is between 2B and 10B.

This needs extensive reading, analyzing the companies. This is not on books, but to create 1-2 page document how the early bird will grow in future.

All the four companies I said, I did complete study during early time. I failed getting into that when I got greediness (killed me in the past), excessive ROI expectation without a right process.

Whatever process you follow to study the companies, the process should be pleasant, likable and enjoyable for you. If you get into this mode, your intelligence automatically takes you where you want to be. It takes time to master the art, but definitely it is doable.


Good idea, I would recommend 2B-5B first weightage, then 5B-10B second level. I analyzed TDOC, TSLA, SHOP and NVDA when they were 2B-10B level.

Here is my finviz filter I focus for 2B-10B, I choose min 1M volume for liquidity purpose. 5M volume is a must to consider on study (and manually remove the companies like Kohls)

At any time, keep reading about 5 to 10 companies and invest slowly one by one.,fa_netmargin_pos,geo_usa,sh_avgvol_o1000,sh_curvol_o5000,sh_price_o10&ft=4&o=-volume,fa_netmargin_pos,geo_usa,sh_avgvol_o1000,sh_curvol_o1000,sh_price_o10&ft=4&o=volume

Simply choose 2B-5B selective companies, look one or two qtr growth (how they grow), read their quarterly report, attend the conference calls. Try to follow how they grow.

In this process, whichever is not god, drop them off and go for new one.

As a second part, if a person has better knowledge on technical analysis, trading 5% with stocks or options. However, this will create greediness and kills us too.

My biggest lesson and important warren buffet rule : Never lose money. Try to create the habit of never lose money.

It means we need ensure (by our analysis) that we are buying at possible low price ! How will we ensure is our edge on the market analysis. Even one cent gain is far better than one cent loss.

BTW: I am not a financial adviser, these are just hints how to grow funds, but may go wrong.

3000 share of AMZN is 9M. He might have $2M worth of AAPL. All these are mostly pretax money. After tax net worth is probably $7M. He’s made a really good investment, probably start from 2-3M.

Does he plan to hold onto these 2 stocks to retire? Seems really concentrated.

Seems really concentrated => What is the risk? Will these company go bankrupt in near future?If these two companies are in trouble, entire S&P, all funds, hedge funds, warren buffet…entire US has trouble. Any sales results in tax.

Normally, when stocks grows such level, the holder sells a portion of it, like rental monthly income, and live with that amount. This is the best way to avoid paying high tax.

BTW: I am not a financial adviser, these are just hints how to grow funds, but may go wrong.

Time taken? Matters a lot.

If your NW is less than him, I am embarrassed :disappointed: for you. @wuqijun at about his age yet at higher NW.

Wu has more than 11m? Impressive.

Pulling my mouth, however I have some edge that will save me. I am late entry to stocks/investment, just 3-4 years, but my growth will be faster than any one. I do not want to hint further.

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His TSLA itself 6M, he has AAPL, FB…etc lot + Real estate…

I don’t understand why that Apple guy need to quit blind after retirement. He could continue to stay on blind, can’t he?

What’s your secret for fast growth? TSLA?