How's Belmont & San Carlos?


Ralston Intermediate?


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950 Broadway is a corner lotā€¦Big or not I hate corner lotsā€¦Plus my old house a few blocks away is much better with an inlaw unit that currently rents for $1700/mā€¦Bid lowā€¦


I generally like corner lot, but not sure about this one, due to street is high and ppl walking by can see your living room and dining roomā€¦ i was thinking of adding in-law unit in that lot especially with back lane, i can divide the lot so i donā€™t need to share my backyard. You said your old was on 5th, right? so just a few houses down?


On fifth, downslope side at the top of the hill closer to San Carlosā€¦High enough for a bayviewā€¦Sorry but your choice doesnā€™t even compare. .Plus mine was updated before last years saleā€¦ Subdivision is not possible inlaw may be illegalā€¦Done alll the timeā€¦Mine has gotten away with it for 40 yearsā€¦Hard to get approvals for anything in the Peoples Republic of Belmontā€¦


In the inner city, I think corner lot is good since you can easily have 2 units, one entrance on each street. Without corner lot, you can only have 1 entrance so itā€™s hard to have 2 units.

Now with secondary unit becoming legal, a corner lot can be golden even in suburbs


I think 950 Broadway may be a corner lot with an alley in the backā€¦No advantage there


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On the other hand, I believe anything between SF and Redwood city is becoming worth to retain. It is more for the living at home type of people, rather than the rat race in SV. I like Burlingame, being there, nice area. Airport is a nuisance, but you get used to it.


Between SF and RWC is the golden zoneā€¦North or south is gridlock trafficā€¦Great place to live if you stay at homeā€¦Getting out of the BA on the weekends is a nightmare. .That nightmare traffic hit South lake Tahoe on Sunday. 80 was closedā€¦all Tahoe traffic came thru Lake Tahoe blvdā€¦Aka Hi 50ā€¦total grid lockā€¦


Belmont schools where teachers make
69,070 per year. The district official is Michael Milken and can be contacted at Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary School District spends $9,403 per year per student. 5% of students here receive reduced price lunches. The most common ethnicities are White,

Hilarious. .Michael Milken went straight and is giving backā€¦lol

BTW he has a house on Billionares Beach at Incline


Is he that Michael Milken?


No but I thought the coincidence was hilarious. .They guy did 2 years in federal prison and is still worth $3bā€¦


Revisiting this topic - how have the prices been since a year ago? Is this area hotter now?


Yes, hotter than past esp Belmont. Schools are main concern for the buyers.


Is Belmont seen as nicer or San Carlos? Iā€™m not as familiar with these cities, but Iā€™m interested.


Belmont is cheaper. More hilly streets low walk scores more rural. San Carlos has a real down town


And then just to throw another in the mix: is RWC considered the less desirable area but now buyers are bleeding in from surrounding areas so that is being reflected in the price? What about special pockets like Emerald Hills? I notice school scores are much lower than SC/Belmont.


I much prefer RWC Hills to Bel an San Carlos
Warmer weather bigger lots and better views closer to SV. Bigger downtown.

Emerald Hills is my favorite place on the whole Peninsula. Designed 100 homes there and built several. Very special place. Not for your average manicured subdivision buyers

Roy Cloud and Northstar academy are highly rated


I like the part of Belmont thatā€™s just off 92. If your house is close to one of the many trailheads you can take a walk in the woods after dinner. Fast to the highway too via 92.

Lost a bid there years ago. :cry: