How's Belmont & San Carlos?


Belmont I heard is popular in Indian community as well.


Damn is it? I’m looking there to get away from you @RealEstatebull :joy::rofl:


Remember, I have been stalking you :slight_smile:



This might be counter-intuitive, but you want to live and own in a metro where there’s nightmare traffic. That means it’s a desirable place. A metro where there’s hardly any traffic can hardly be excited about…


As is Orion and Clifford. Northstar isn’t a zoned school, so only good for homebuyers if your kids aren’t in 3rd grade and can test in.

That said, the stuff near Atherton (Selby Lane) is pretty hot just by virtue of its location.


massive price drop:


Looks like the agent did pay attention and dropped a million more than needed:smile:


Price drops are in rapid successions, maybe they have urgency to sell…


I am sure it will be corrected. REA is bad with numbers…


sure, i am not expecting 1m drop, they probably wanted to drop to 1998 or something like that.


and there it goes 1988,