Husband Storage

That’s the innovative thinking we need to save the malls here!!

A Chinese mall has introduced “husband storage” facilities for wives to leave their spouse while they shop, it’s reported.

According to The Paper, the Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has erected a number of glass pods for wives to leave any disgruntled husbands that don’t want to be dragged around the shops.

Inside each individual pod is a chair, monitor, computer and gamepad, and men can sit and play retro 1990s games. Currently, the service is free, but staff told the newspaper that in future months, users will be able to scan a QR code and pay a small sum for the service using their mobile phones.

A few men that tried out the pods told The Paper that they thought they were a novel idea.

Mr Yang said he thinks the pods are “Really great. I’ve just played Tekken 3 and felt like I was back at school!”


These husbands have gotten totally castrated by their wives so that they have lost all sense of self worth…

Um… how about instead of you going shopping while I hold the bags for you and pay for all your crap, I go hang out at my favorite bar while you stay home, cook food and take care of the kids?

Shanghai men are famous for treating women well. Maybe too well according to @wuqijun :slight_smile:

HKers are known to boss their wives :slight_smile:

Obviously you don’t know anything about HK women…

Why do they bring their husbands shopping? I would never have my husband come shopping unless we were looking at appliances. Kids, I can understand though I do my best to leave them home, but my husband has other stuff to do. Are women not let out alone in China? Too dangerous?

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Come on, Mr. Yang, Tekken 3 playing??? How about a sweet hostess instead to chit chat with and spend a little time with? Yes, that def would not be free. (Yeah, dream on sfdragonboy… dream on)

(Uh, honey, when are we going shopping again???)

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Not at all. These Chinese women are the spoiled generation of women who think of their husbands as nothing more than a piggy bank plus labor source. First, the husband should chauffeur her to her favorite mall, then he will pay for all her shopping needs (clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, etc.). And then he will follow her around and holding all the bags while she does more window shopping. And then she is a little hungry so then the husband takes her to her favorite bistro and pays for a fancy meal. Finally, she is done for the day, time for the husband to chauffeur her back to their residence, paid in full by either the husband himself or his parents, but titled under her name.

The wife should shop with her friends. Making the husband go is cruel and unusual punishment.

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I suspect that most of them are newly wed couples?
I myself don’t like offline shopping. (My husband takes care of grocery shopping. Rest of them from Amazon.)
If I ever need to go offline shopping, I definitely go alone or with my sister who can give me good advice.
Bringing husband? No…

I go shopping with my wife, what’s the problem?

She just says “honey, I need a blouse, you know what I like” and 99% of the times I pick one, she buys it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now, if you want the milkman or the mailman to go with her…be my guest…:grin:


Ahh… I see. The husband doesn’t trust her enough to give her a credit card. Well, I guess having to be bored shopping is the price he pays for not marrying someone he trusts.

I struggle to give a reason, but it seems Chinese couples “like” to go shopping together. In general, Chinese couples give each other less freedom than do American couples.

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It’s because the wife is using the husband as a chauffeur and helper to carry her bags.

Roller carts anyone?

Or why not just hire kids to follow you around?

Do women not drive there?

What is 形影不離, you interpret as 被迫而随. Loving couple going shopping together is a good thing.

Really hanera? You enjoy doing that? Ok… so long as it makes you happy :slight_smile:

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Really? I mean, I’m just saying, I love my husband, but if we’re going to spend our limited time together, it’s not going to be shopping! How about dinner? A movie? A walk in the park, a bike ride? A hike? A lecture on astrophysics?

I just can’t fathom us both going shopping at the same time–except for Christmas trees.


I don’t mind going with the gf to shopping. I don’t love it but it’s not that bad. If I behave, I get to have a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. Aww the small joys of life… :grinning:


What, not married, and with property??? How did you get away with only “girlfriend” status???

(Hey, it’s Friday, relaaaaax…)