Impact of election on market


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Shhhhhh…He does not know !

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I had reduced my holdings in SOXL, TQQQ and UPRO drastically. Safety first.

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You are human computer!

Btw: This is not direct or indirect suggestion on stock or financial

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Lol, Biden likely just won it for Trump. His far left VP pick will alienate anyone in the middle. Democrats are so ignorant that they think NY and California are all that matter.

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Really? Bernie bros said Harris is too far on the right.

Actually Harris is pretty much smack in the center. The safest of VP picks. Or as someone on twitter cleverly puts it, the Joe Biden of VP picks.

Anyway VP picks don’t usually win or lose elections. People who don’t vote for Biden because of Harris are not Biden voters no matter what. Harris is just their excuse.

I agree I don’t see how she’s far left…I also think her being a Black woman is very important with everything going on right now and will bring out those voters for sure.


She’s 100% anti police. All you people who don’t think citizens should own guns better buckle up if defunding the police is the new normal. Combine that with criminal justice reform aka decriminalizing more stuff so criminal never go to prison and watch out.

She’s anti business. She’s anti rich people. To anyone not in California’s little left wing bubble, she’s far left.


Only White and Black votes matter.

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Black votes don’t matter in swing states. Trump will win them for sure with Harris. There is 50/50 chance Biden fails to survive 4 years physically or mentally. That means you are voting for Harris for president.


Essentially,if Trump wins, this will give her another opportunity to run for president in 2024…

I am anti police brutality. I am for more regulations, especially on mega businesses like the four Big Tech that got grilled in Congress last month.

Does that make me anti police and anti business? If so Harris is my gal.

People don’t vote for Biden/Harris. They mostly just vote against Trump. Next time field someone less toxic and less damaging to the republic.

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It doesn’t matter if Biden wins or looses Harris is definitely the number 2 leader of the Democratic Party.
Especially if Pelosi steps down next year.

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IMO, if this is correct, then Trump wins…No doubt…!

From the comments, is time for me to get ready.

You are most probably right because @manch is usually wrong. Recall he said Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide and challenge any1 with a bet.

Harris guarantees a Trump victory especially if she panders to the progressives


So, who is better for stock market?