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@Jil will say yes.
I will say don’t bother because of my AAPL experience. Didn’t do any timing, dumbly hold for nearly 25 years and is up 500x.

The most powerful concept of buy n hold is ALL IN :slight_smile: all the time.


$10 initial investment? :wink:

It is really…really…really…really…(I can say 1000+ times) hard find real buy/hold stock.

You will understand when you see your TDOC growth after 5 or 10 or 20 years (compare with TQQQ at that time). Say, for argument sake, you see growth is slower than TQQQ after 20 years, you can not rollback all your years. Gone is Gone…!

Your are one of the luckiest to be with right stock AAPL and that is the No 1 winner of all stocks !

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Read the article. In practice, Ashley and Matthew are the same person. You invest fixed dollar from your W2 :slight_smile:

Lol yes it was confusing. Ashley puts money whenever she has and Matthew puts money every month start. So only difference may be Ashley has bi or 4 week pay period and for Matthew it doesn’t matter.


EW picture of many growth stocks look like ARKK and QQQ… all in last leg aka 5th Primary degree wave (multi-month trend).


First thing first, need to buy a lottery ticket to win a lottery.

Second thing, thought experiment. If a big crash similar to Dotcom bust occurs, which companies* do you think would survive and prosper like AAPL and AMZN? Obviously has to be founder-led :slight_smile: or at least a certified genius (logically should be running a company founded by him, why would a genius want to be on W2?).

Note* Assume most of them would crash more than 90% to less than $10B so any companies with current market cap less than $100B are potential candidates.

A few well known companies come to mind… SHOP TWLO SQ TDOC ZM SE PLTR CRWD DOCU SNOW OKTA TTD U…

If you are left with $50k, which one of the above companies would you put ALL IN?

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Okay, with all these well known companies, which are those exceeded TQQQ since Mar 23, 2020? How would you know/judge, on Mar 23, 2020, that this company would make a better run?

BTW: All of them listed above failed to beat TQQQ except only one ! Any guess which one beat TQQQ?

It is really…really…really…really…(I can say 1000+ times) hard find real buy/hold stock.

I repeat again, you are luckiest to spot AAPL during 1998 and becomes the winner one now !

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To guess right plus buy and hold for 30 years is needle in a hay stack investing. Akin to gambling. I will stick to RE where insider trading is legal and you can value add with your own sweat equity.

Still doing analysis with past data? See through the fog! Are you aware that TQQQ was launched in 2010. I repeat, launched in 2010. Repeat one more time, launched in 2010. Somehow this fact didn’t get into your head. TQQQ was launched in 2010. TQQQ was launched in 2010. TQQQ was launched in 2010. Get it?

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Still doing analysis with past data? => Correct, Since AAPL went up 50000%+ you are glad your choice was right. Had it gone other way after 30 years, will you be able to rollback your life to change your investment?

It is really…really…really…really…(I can say 1000+ times) hard find real buy/hold stock ahead of years.

Now, whatever you think buy and hold may or may not be like your AAPL unless you have any means to identify…

You blindly believe that Cathie’s picks or Jim Cramer Picks or someone else picks are right which has no guarantee. …That is what you do not get it.

Had you picked “SHOP TWLO SQ TDOC ZM SE PLTR CRWD DOCU SNOW OKTA TTD U” randomly on Mar 23, 2020 most of them fail to beat TQQQ except one ! How would you know the right pick at that time?

Zillow back to earth. Good Buy?

I do not have any idea as I completely moved to QQQ/TQQQ/SPY/UPRO etfs…Not following any stocks.

Like I said this forum is moving toward url :grin:


You won’t hear of me. I am not doing any analysis on AAPL. I am bragging :rofl:

TQQQ is only 10 years old, you can’t make “hold forever” observation. You are extrapolating. I ask you to make a forward looking judgement not quoting past performance. Start from first principles :wink:

Cathie did BTFD. It appears she is doing a lot of BTFDs like millennials.

No worries, @Jil will change his tune after a few months. Look through his past posts, he hyped different stocks every few months.

what happened to moderna, Bntx & tesla?

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I came out mRNA and BNTX finally today bought TQQQ.

True, it is the process of trying to find the best way to grow funds.

So far, so good with TQQQ!

As of date, these stocks running above TQQQ since Mar 8th 2021.


So many semis but none of NVDA AMD MU TSM… too hot bad return.

oh no why? I thought you were very determined to hold for long term?

I am unable to buy/hold any stock in my past. I tried, but could not hold…going back to trading style…

I do not see any guaranteed way to know long term prospects of any company including mRNA and BNTX.

Already hanera pointed that I often change strategy.

Like he said, I am able to see multidays to weeks and not beyond that point.

Even TSLA I bought at $575 and sold $700 range, then bought last 3 days $618, $605, $598…but will likely sell when see peak in few weeks !

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