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Ratification of the comprehensive investment agreement between EU and China suspended. China says US pressure behind this.

This agreement no longer practical. This agreement was to provide enhance access to EU products in Chinese market. but failure in vaccine and fundamental transformation in EU systems made it impossible. You can even see it in EU-US trade. practically no EU firm is investing in US…

Actually, the reaction of Chinese officials suggests they are upset at the suspension of the comprehensive investment agreement. See at the end of the news

i search it. i havent seen any reaction. You can look up the container costs from China to EU. this tell you which direction trade and wealth is moving.

Its RCEP countries that moving high end research to China. in previous decades EU had monoply on these things. you fail to understand these new alliances.

There are several paragraphs that reflect the anger of Chinese officials towards cancellation of Comprehensive Investment agreement between China and EU. See the one below for example , where it accuses USA of pressurizing EU to be part of decoupling.

It seems likely that given the position the EU has placed China in, the CAI is effectively dead, and that means the China hawks have taken control of EU policy towards China. That will mean a constant flow of anti-China rhetoric, based upon whatever US state policy is dictated by Washington DC. It also means that the EU is now part of the overall Western push towards ‘decoupling’

I too believe that this could be a minor matter. But, the response of Chinese officials seems disproportionate and the Chinese position seems that what is lost from EU will be compensated by RCEP etc.

i havent seen anything from Chinese officials that they commented on it.

Mean while EU wants to sign FTA with India.

And Australia (25 Million population) and China (1400 million) cannot get along.

I didnot made statement about RCEP and India without researching the topic. India can only be saved from Europe by joining RCEP. do you think Koreans and Japanese are stupid?

They also want new trade deal with us. Think over and over about this statement. if you still dont get it. than than you need a Phd from Germany University in German language.

Koreans and Japanese are not stupid. Their situation is different. BTW, Both Japan and Korea have very good relation with India. The relations between India and Korea goes thousands of years back.

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Intel is making another plant in Europe (besides the one in Ireland)?

There situation is not different. India situation is far worse than them. Europe will ruthlessly deal with any entity or country that does not serve its interest. Coming months and years will make this thing obvious. I didnot make this statement without researching this topic.

You are right. The situation in India is indeed bad. But, Indian administration does not seem to think joining RCEP will solve the problems of India.


Can you elaborate? I thought the main reason is Korea and Japan are very close to China and export a lot to China. So without considering other issues, should be able to benefit a lot from RCEP. India is pretty far away and has nothing much to export to China, is there a strong reason to join?

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Korea and Japan joined RCEP to save there exports to the rest of the world not China. That seem convoluted logic but it will become obvious.
We are moving from English speak economic system to Germanic System. that is biggest change in the world happening in past 300 years.

India is part of English speaking countries. there wont be any practical help from Europe. Saving India entire responsibility on US now. the cost of learning latest vaccines is in billions of dollars for mass production.


You worry too much about India.

Fatality in India due to coronavirus: about 1% : 241k deaths for 21.5Million infections
Fatality in world due to coronavirus: about 2% : 3.26 M deaths for 156 Million infections

India is doing better than other countries in matters of coronavirus. Even the rate of infection is rather low.

The statistics for the USA is worst as compared to India.
580K deaths over 32.7 Million infections about 1,7%

India is doing a lot better considering it is home to 1380 Million people

India covid deaths are under reported. In fact experts estimate to factor it by 6.


Eventually everyone will get infected and that is good. But, that is not the point. The rate of recovery and rate of non recovery are important. These cannot deviate too much from the global mean in any case. That will be a statistical anomaly. For example if global rate of fatality is 2% or 1.7% in US, than in India it cannot deviate to much from that. And unlike countries where information is under control of government. In India it is free for all. So, to say under reporting in India by factor of 6 is just as fake as other fake news that we see around us.

India is already in partial authoritarian govt under Modi. Under reporting death, I say it not from media but from people over there. Modi already took down criticisms from Twitter and fb. He’s scared about bad image currently.