Investing vs Trading

and S&P index.

Studies would claim that return of QQQ is better than S&P. This is true only for lumpsum investment at the start of the five years with no additional investment during the five years. However, a DCA approach which is appropriate for most W2 investors, return of S&P is higher than QQQ.

S&P vs ARKK using DCA, return of S&P is much higher than ARKK, not 9% higher.

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My 2 cents : ARKK or any other including BRK holding wrong comparison(SPY) for retailers.

SPY can be compared with QQQ as index ETFs or VGT or AVUV as both spread the risk with more than 500 stocks.

These four are appx equal comparison, in fact risk with QQQ is higher as they hold around 100 stocks.

In this ,over a long term, AVUV ( still early 3 years run) better than VGT better than QQQ better than SPY for investor B&H Or DCA.

Even in correction cycle AVUV amazingly better YTD than other 3 ETFs, that is the benefit of small value caps.