Is Number 4 A Bad Feng Shui Number?


Or do it the old fashion way - hire some thugs to “hang around”…


420 today, Feng Shui?..I am looking at house whose address is 2240…Feng Shui?


Unless you like, “Easy, easy to death” I might pass…:slight_smile:


YMMV with 8 in the address. We used to have a condo with 3 digit address ending with 8 and we sold it in 2005. Recently looked at price history and the guy who bought it from us sold it in 2010 with a $125K loss, but second buyer got himself a deal in 2010. Go figure!


Sorry, lucky number mumbo jumbo does not work with condos. Did you not get the memo?:slight_smile:


I hear you, I regret not buying a SFH in SF in mid 90s for about 350K. Not playing condo/HOA/assessment game anymore. However this condo worked out all right for us, I also regret selling it, even with profit.


See, that 88 certainly proved to be auspicious after all, no???


See, this property with the 224 address is just bad luck!!! Despite being in uber nice Sea Cliff!!!




Haircut from $3.2M to $3M…whoopie doo…


Overpricing a listing is a death wish and then adjusting the price down tells the market subconsciously that your property is perhaps way overpriced. This is Home Selling 1 stuff. Do we ever see The Machine incorrectly list a home? Never. That’s why he is Golden Boy.


Retail buyers are generally 100 percent cash buyers. According to Fisher, addresses with “8’s,” an auspicious number, and environments with feng shui have appeal, but these are ancillary considerations.


July 28 is the Day… Awesome day, but if it were me, I wait a week until August 4… 8/4: wow, prosperity to death!!!


Oh my god… I’m number 50 something thousand in the queue… please produce quickly!!!


WHEN you get your Elon baby, you will have to do a review for us…


Sure thing… but you already know I’ll write nothing less than a 5 star review :slight_smile:


Wow, you have some pull…


Not fast enough!!! I just realized I missed one zero at the end… I’m 500 something thousand :frowning:


How appropriate…


How come it’s not 444?