Is Number 4 A Bad Feng Shui Number?


That’s the neighbor, two houses over…:grinning:


Absolutely… that neighbor should have seen this coming… :rofl:


Ok, @dioworld, can I pass on this one???


not only 424, but 94014 too, so total of 4 4s haha


Watch it for a 1M+… B U B B L E !!!


The seller has no intention of selling it to any Chinese buyer… :slight_smile:


Well, that cuts out 75% of the buying crowd…:grinning:


Bad number no impact on this one…


Both sellers and buyer don’t seem to be Chinese…


This scares me. It was a while after I had purchased that I found out that my address has 2 2s and 2 4s in it which might have discouraged potential Chinese competitors in a neighborhood with substantial Chinese population. I though I got a good deal. What does it take to change the number in San Francisco?


Is it 2244, 2424, 4242, or 4422?


Does it matter? Its 2424.


Like I asked before…What is the bad Fung Shuei discount?? Not much I bet…Say compared to a bad location or other incurable defects


Here ya go @poobuyer

Don’t think too much about it. We kid a lot…


Um… yes I would definitely change the number if you’d like to sell it to a Cantonese buyer down the road.


As the article alluded to, there are ways to “neutralize” the impact of the 4… no need to change the number (probably can’t anyway).

Tomorrow, I start my side business of going around and painting people’s street number 4s in red and circling it with a Sharpie. Will. Make. Millions.


No use. But discounted for sure. Like a house on busy road…


How much discount? 1,2 5, 10% ???


Busy road = 10%
Really busy road = 15%
Freeway with wall = 10%
Freeway without wall = 20%

Not a Chinese neighborhood = 0%
Neighborhood w/25% Chinese = 10%
Neighborhood w/50% Chinese or more = 15%
Neighborhood w/50% Chinese or more and multiple 4’s = 20%


Hey, hey, hey… those are LOADS to the pricing when chinese % increases…:grinning: