Is Number 4 A Bad Feng Shui Number?


The address is 4848W and the zip code is 84084.

You misunderstood. They did NOT warn me. Unfortunately.


Oh, that is not goodā€¦

Wanna sell the first one??? :grinning:


I do have 4 SFRs in Salt Lake City areaā€¦ all in zip codes 84128 and 84084. I may actually sell them soon in a 1031 exchange.

The entire state of Utah has zip codes starting with 84. If that is any indicator.


Speaking of 1031 exchange, have you ever done one first of all and if so have you ever done a reverse exchange? I donā€™t know why I didnā€™t think of this sooner (nor why any of my advisers didnā€™t come up with it) but why canā€™t I just tap my equity from my properties and use that fund to buy my replacement property first and then sell the exchange property after?


Yes, Bezos knows whatā€™s up with the magic 8 numbersā€¦


I was about to do my first one ~May 2017. I identified an owner who according to a source has been contemplating to sell for 4-5 years. Several people have made offers during these years. My offer was 15% higher than the most recent offer that he received (according to the source). I also threw in some other benefits for him. The numbers got him to listen.

My purchase wouldā€™ve been contingent on the sale of 5 (five) single family homes (1 in CA, 4 in UT). Both markets have average DOM ~20 days. He did not mind that. Just as I was about to give notice to my tenants, he decided not to sellā€¦ yet.

I think it would have been a regular 1031 exchange. Sell the 5 rentals and buy a new one afterwards.

I like his property and will up the offer by $200k in January. Maybe heā€™s reading this, LOL


But in this overheated market, tough to pull off a conventional exchange as I am finding out. I already ā€œlost outā€ on a home my wife liked. I am investigating and will ask my IRS buddy to check it out for me, but why canā€™t I just take 1M or so equity from my Sunset home, use that to buy my replacement property first, use a Qualified Intermediary to hold title to it temporarily in a single person LLC and then take my sweet time (up to 180 days) to sell my exchange property? I think it will work.


I agree. And look at my proposalā€¦ selling 4 SFRs out of state! That will never work with anything thatā€™s listed on the MLS or loopnet.

The exchange companies have people giving advice. Not all answer the phone or responded to my voice mails though, I found.


Really? I managed to speak to someone whom several agents mentioned as The Man (at least locally) when it comes to exchanges and yes we played phone tag a bit but we finally talked about my situation. If I can figure out who that was again since I want to ask now about my reverse exchange funding idea, I will forward the contact info if you want it.



I had to fight off endless lookers to get a home on a T. One can eliminate T-s, 4s wanting 8s and find there are no home within reach of oneā€™s little heart.
Those shacks off I-280, Bird Ave in SJC were mostly next to condemned buildings. Homeless etc. Now people ask why I did not let them know earlier as Google will build its campus near.


I agree, so little inventory that even I want to still look at a home with a 24 addressā€¦ One can always hire a feng shui expert and buddhist monk to come out and exorcise any demons. Peace of mind is pricelessā€¦


Donā€™t bother. Just welcome those demons into your world with open armsā€¦ :rofl:


Maybe the real reason is that the address number sucks???


Yes, may the lucky Chinese pricing strategy rescue you in your hour of needā€¦


House #14 is having a price cut. Itā€™s a good looking house.


What does the number 11 mean?


I wonder if you can feel and hear the K streetcar that goes up Ocean Ave from there.


11/11 is Alibabaā€™s made-up ā€œSingles Dayā€ holiday.


May or may not be Asian but pended neverthelessā€¦