Is Number 4 A Bad Feng Shui Number?


I shared a population trend some time ago on California. I remember seeing SF getting whiter actually down the road. So if @wuqijun is right, it’s a good investment strategy to buy house number 4444 at a discount and bet on selling to non-Cantonese people 20 years later.


20% discount? ?? I will buy a dozen and rent them out…


Go for it! Trying finding all the houses with a “444” address in Sunset and give those owners an offer… :rofl:


So was talking to wifey. She being Cantonese and all that, I figured she’s an expert. She said having a “4” in the house number is not necessarily bad. The example she gave was a street number that ends in “54” since “5” is meant to negate. “54” means negate death. Thus it’s actually a good number combination.


Absolutely correct. Another example would be 84 which is pretty good. No different from the English use of the word “death.” Itself, pretty negative. Now, how about using it in “love you to death?” Not so bad now…


Cantonese buyers’ influence will go down over time. Chinese who have money mostly speak Mandarin nowadays. Chinese in the South Bay already mostly speak Mandarin. I don’t think the number “4” holds as much sway for them. For example the number “1314” actually means something romantic in Mandarin: for as long as I live. Maybe if you don’t really like the house and don’t want to be stuck with it for your whole life that means bad thing…


Lucky or unlucky???


Moving that home over will require another 250k transport cost… :rofl:


Ok, @dioworld, this one has the similar house number of the prospect home i was telling you about. Talk about crummy luck! Should I pass or see how this one goes? Come on, I will simply have a buddhist monk come by and do a few chants and that should clear it right???


This one seems to be doing just fine…deemed Hot Home!!! Although the numbers could be interpreted as actually good???


The potential buyers probably don’t know what feng shui is…thought you are not supposed to buy a house with a big tree in the front.


If you don’t live in it. you don’t need to worry about the number


On the subject of unlucky address numbers, how about this one for the non Asians??? 666 Fifth Ave. Jared, what were you thinking???


When 666 fifth has big troubles, some of you guys can team up and buy it for a huge discount. At the right price, even 666 can work out fine


666 doesn’t sound too bad… better than 444… :rofl:


more and more people believe in lucifer now days in US. probably will have more demand later.


Wow, will a Chinese person buy this???


Yes, as a rental.


ok. I cannot resist. How about these numbers?

4602? it is both a property’s address number and the last 4 digits of my BRE license. I had to buy it just for that reason :slight_smile:

28988? It is the loan number for that 4602 property. Those 8s make up for the 4? One can pick the address but not the loan number! I should not prepay the loan?

Another one.

  1. Has been a good property. The loan number is 10 digits and has one 8 and no 4.
    What’s Feng Shui’s take on the mix of 4 and 8?

One of my worst flips had the address 21440. It all makes sense now. I had 2 Chinese business partners on it. Why did they not object to buying?


4602 - despite the one 4, should be ok, a lone 4…

28988 - loan, no biggie…but generally good with the 28 and then double 88s…

4848 - Yes, very good and no doubt a good property. 8484 I suppose is better, fortune to death but still not bad…

Here is some info on the combination of 4 and 8…

21440 - yeah, not good. double 4s and 14 (no wonder your chinese partners ran for the hills…)

For Cantonese speakers, 14 and 24 are considered more unlucky than the individual 4, since 14 (Cantonese Yale: sahp sei) sounds like “will certainly die” (實死, Cantonese Yale: saht séi), and 24 (Cantonese Yale: yih sei) sounds like “easy to die” (易死, Cantonese Yale: yih séi).

Geez, does that mean “easy, certain death” then… Wow, not good…

Yeah, I have to listen to my own advice. I recently was made aware of a pocket listing, but the address starts with 24XX. I am still considering it only because I am waiting to look inside and at it but really I should just move on.

Hocus Pocus, mumble jumble @ptiemann… let’s not carried away with this. However, I probably too would refrain from a property that was 4444 4th Ave…