It Gets Better By The Minute

It would be a wonderful opportunity for journalists to report on the potentials Trump tower project going through SF’s planning process. This will make SF planning commission famous in the whole world. If you want world fame, hurry up and get into SF planning commission.

We’ll have another world’s #1: the worls’s # toughest planning process.

SF might not approve the Trump tower. How about Oakland and SJ?

Btw, is Trump tower a condo building, a hotel, or mixed use condo/retail?

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Now, now, we are not suggesting discrimination are we???:slight_smile:

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I thought it is perfectly fine for liberals to discriminate against non-liberals. Our liberals will shut off the US President because liberals are above any non-liberal President, not to mention any non-liberal non-president guys

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Well, the Planning Dept would have a hard time defending a no-can build if he, err his sons followed all of the rules of building here. Just make sure he (they) go to bedrock…ok???

Even though his CEO follows all the rules, SF can still put the Trump tower proposal on the ballot. People will voted against it since a Trump tower will be too ugly for the city of the bay.

Heck, even if they hired SF planning commission head to design its tower, SF will find millions of faults with the design. If SF thinks that something is ugly, it can never become beautiful. Even if Trump hires Obama as his architect, the project will still be denied

Think about it, he can easily buy an existing building and put up a new sign. Done.

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I am sure the developer of the Millennium Tower SF is on the phone now to his sons…“Yeah, yeah, it is in great condition…”


Wow, that would be a huge insult to SF liberals. They will protest in front of the building 24x7x365. The hotel will be full of journalists and anti-Trump activists, they may sleep in the hotel room at night and protest during the day

He would love the publicity… the place would be huuuuuuge…

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Nice, your fab 7x7 will become a true world class city.

I hope his CEO buys a rent controlled multi family building though

Once he has a taste of the San Tung dry fried chicken wing, he won’t go back to KFC…he proceeds to buy out San Tung for 1B and takes it world wide!!!

Protestors will lose focus and or get bored quickly. They’d move onto the next thing. Remember occupy Wall Street?

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The protesters are pathetic. .Why didn’t they put all that effort into getting Hillary elected?


Protesting is liberal’s patent. They can own it for 30 years!

Obama pledges to work for “true democracy”. Will he become irrelevant and forgotten? Or bring US to the road of true ruin?

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The protests since the 60s have generally been counter productive. .Look at how they helped elect Nixon in 1968 and Trump in 2016…The radical protestors at Trump rallies made even him look good


It is not about Democrat or Republican presidents, it is the two different personality Trump and Obama, both are dedicated their life to USA.

I often think about the beauty of democracy. Even after entire media skewed towards Hillary, Trump has got remarkable win.

Obama will go into history as he brought back the US economy to this level. Trump did not take the country after Bush period, but enjoys the economy Obama has recovered.

You listen to the ABC and FOX interviews of Trump. How much Trump appreciates about Obama and his letter.

Reg “bring US to the road of true ruin”, Trump will never lead this to ruin, but will lead to prosperity.

In fox news he said that Dow touching 20000 means that business community has confidence in me !

At the age of 70, leaving billions of assets to other hands to maintain, he has taken over the president post and he will do right to this country citizens and jobs. Like many, he may not be 100% perfect, but he is true leader dedicated to US.

See how many dinners Trump cancelled so far? He minds his time and business. Even after winning, media is rigged/skewed as he often says.

Jil has been fully converted to a Trump fan from HRC fan. Happy New Year to your respect of the fact and reality.

How many people have made the same conversion sine the election? Is Trump’s popularity rising or falling?

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Trump is most similar to Nixon, of all the modern presidents…He would like to be thought of being like Reagan…But like Nixon he has a basic personality flaw. .His ego just gets in his way…Hopefully like Nixon he will work hard and get things done…Even Nixon haters have give him credit for the EPA, China, ending the draft, ending the war and a host of other achievements…Both are flawed and hated, but being POTUS is not for nice guys…BTW, I cant stand either of them…But if Trump gets accomplished as much as Nixon he will be successful. …

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Trump’s approval rating is 59% which is higher than Obama’s final 58%. Obama was only popular at the start and end. The average approval rating for him over the 8 years was quite low.