It Gets Better By The Minute


Come on, is he still alive???


I had real high hopes for Mr. Wong. Concur, @harriet???



Come on!!! Spend some time to follow the entertainment culture of your own race rather than the whitewashed and racist Hollywood! :rofl:


I love Donny Yen!!!


He looks awfully sad in that picture :rofl:


Yes, because he was told, “Sorry, you aren’t leading man material…”


Ok, here you go, @wuqijun…let’s see how you feel about something like this…


Who is he?


Yes… very demeaning… plays right into all the negative stereotypes about Chinese people…


Russell Wong. I believe he came somewhat famous from the “The Joy Luck Club” movie. You may want to check out his scene in the movie where his eating of watermelon was described by some folks as an adult activity. Of course, he played an abusive husband (yes, all Asian husbands by default are abusive husbands…). Then was on a regular tv show called Vanishing Son. He was in “Romeo Must Die” as the villain against Jet Li. With his good Asian American looks, I thought he was going to be The One, to lead us to The Promise Land. Sadly, didn’t happen…


That’s because he’s not good enough. Let’s bring back Chow Yun Fat and Jacky Chan… :smiley:


Jackie Chan :face_vomiting:


Why? Because he has an illegitimate daughter with another woman??? :rofl:


That’s part of it. He’s also known for being a creep.


I just looked him up and I recognize his brother Michael Wong.


It’s never easy to find a good Asian role model… :rofl:


Andy Lau is a good husband :grinning: He sang my favorite Chinese New Year song.


I like this guy better:

Appears to be a great husband and his singing and acting are both better than Andy. :slight_smile:


I showed your pick to my wifey and she likes him too…


I like him since the late 90s when I first watched one of his drama re-runs…just went back to listen to one of his songs again…so nostalgic :relaxed: