It Gets Better By The Minute


That’s pretty disgusting. Sorry, but part of being a man is protecting women. Rape a woman and you should lose your man parts.




Talk to me then, I can help you to defer the capital gains for 30 years so you can stop worrying about 1031.

I am tired of saying it, it’s so easy and basically you won’t pay that money back. :smirk:


That was dumb. I mean, not the article, but what she did.


Thanks, but I think my owner move-in strategy after exchange and number of years renting works for us DINKs.


Good grief. Maybe men should have to get it in writing… with a witness.


I didn’t even know that was a such thing…sclera staining??


She is definitely an Apple 8 buyer…


I’m thinking more like Apple X. Going for the X-factor.




??? Too sensitive…


Absolutely not. One would expect advertising campaigns to be vetted by many folks. How could this have passed scrutiny??? Unbelievable…


At least this is not the Chinese ad where the black guy turned into a Chinese guy after jumping into the washer…


What do you expect from a Chinese company? An American company should know better and has a massive legal department for a reason.


That Chinese ad had legitimate issues if broadcasted in America. But this Dove ad I think people are just being too sensitive.


Well, you need to take it from an African American’s perspective. I would be upset…


Okie dokie… perception is reality… :rofl:


It is no difference from some of those comments directed at Asians from late night hosts or some of the reported offenses from recent times. Do you like to be reminded that Asians are bookworms or small in stature and in other ways? We don’t want to keep hearing stereotypes over and over again like a broken record. You and I know we have come a long way in this country but mainstream media and hollywood especially will never allow us to have leading man status.


Um… there’s always Chow Yun Fat… :rofl: