It Gets Better By The Minute


One way to benefit from government handouts: become a section 8 landlord.


800,000 active, attending college youngsters, smarter than those pretending to be smart are in their way out.

And that’s because most are Hispanic, or Asian, include here and there your typical “European”.

Sad to see people from their own community wishing they were deported.


Uh, not that San Jose…



I guess it’s easy to get SJC and SJO mixed up, but not knowing the airport code of your hometown is pretty bad…


Well, I wouldn’t blame the passenger so much as the airline personnel right???



Both are at fault, but the passenger should have known better. Some airline personnel are quite incompetent.


I don’t know that I can fault someone in Germany either… Honest mistake. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen that often.

Plus C looks a lot like O




The positive economic news is getting crazy.


Wow, win a football trophy get a 1.6B auto plant…


4K jobs?
There are 18,000 jobs open any day in the Bay Area.

The best? What you read on the side of that article.

Presidents Harry Truman and Barack Obama scored the biggest first-year stock market gains, largely because they came into office following deep sell-offs. The stock market posted the biggest losses during the first years of Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush.

Weird, I swear I read most of the loser presidents are REPUBLICANS?

Let’s hear from the deflecting team! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


See what you have to deal with if you are Costco or the “manufacturer”…


So…add Christmas Trees to list of items (TVs) that Costco will no longer accept returns (unless only for exchange or one month in…)


Come on, Doc!!!


Nobody in his 70s is in excellent health!!!


My paternal grandma is in her 90s and she is healthier than a lot of people under 50…



I have friends in Switzerland. For Thanksgiving they went to a farm where the turkey had a name. Were introduced and could watch the slaughter. The turkey cost $150
They are $15 here.
The Swiss are so rich they can indulge liberal insanity.
Besides lobsters aren’t native to Switzerland