It Gets Better By The Minute


There’s a bit of a difference between immigrants and refugees though. One actively chooses to come for a better life, the other had no choice and has no devotion to the new country.

Both ways, there’s still a change in values that has to be learned which can be hard.


They might have a hard time attracting quality immigrants. Top choices are US, Canada, and Australia. Germany is a second tier immigrant destination.


Sure, but refugees who don’t give a sh*t aren’t a good substitute for hard-working immigrants. You’re better off not having them. Sorry to have to say that.

Germany didn’t seem to be trying to up their population by accepting the refugees, though. I thought it was a humanitarian act which they are now regretting :frowning:


That’s why it’s a dilemma… refugees are bad but they need them anyways to maintain population growth.


Immigrants are good. They need to attract immigrants. Not random refugees. Otherwise they’re better off with the population loss.


What’s the point of population growth?


Um… having refugees are better than population loss… they are not attracting the quality immigrants because they are second tier.


To prevent economic decline.


By having them do what?


Give birth to babies… :wink:


No! Bzzzzzzt. By working! Giving birth to babies who go on welfare is economic decline.


They need to attract hard working people… Not just take in the masses.

So if they’re not attracting hard working people because they’re second tier, they’ve got a PR problem to fix. Or if they’re not motivating their refugees to commit to working,settling, and making a better life for themselves, they need to work on that.

Refugees can be immigrants, but they have to have a positive, work-ethic, “let’s build a better life” attitude.


Um… beggars can’t be choosers… maybe only 10% of the refugees are any good but they still need that 10%…


Then they need to give the boot to the other 90%. The bad boys are doing waaaaaay more harm than good.

Good food is great, but better off going hungry than eating something with Salmonella.


Um… when you are trapped under the ruins after an earthquake you will need to eat your own feces to survive…


I guess I’ll be dead in the next earthquake. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, if they really want high quality immigrants, they could’ve started advertising in the US after Trump was elected. So many people said they wanted to leave–why not offer them citizenship?


I’m too old to have to learn German… if they are willing to create an English speaking city vetting quality immigrants then I might just apply… :wink:


Pretty sure they all speak English there. If not another two languages as well.


Um… not interested… :laughing:


Economic prosperity is more about production per person than number of people. People that can’t produce enough to survive drag everyone else down. They end up demanding higher taxes on productive people and more government handouts. The goal should be increasing GDP per person. Warren Buffet uses that as a measure. Who wants to have their standard of living lowered by more taxes to support a bunch of refugees?

All the EU countries are doing is adding people that’ll consume far more government resources than they ever pay in taxes.