It Gets Better By The Minute



Thanks God that not smart guy in the white house was twitting at that time, otherwise he would have pressed the bigger than the Korean nuts red button.

Did you hear a sexual predator ran for the senate in Alabama? Oh…old news! Sorry!

But the felon Arpaio may not be new.

There’s a political party that is promoting criminals and sexual predators for office. What’s wrong with them?


Wow, someone should go to jail over this:


Yeah, let’s crack open that 6 pack of Chardonnay…just doesn’t sound right


Now, I expect this guy to follow through and give Marriott Int a bad Yelp review…:grinning:


This is getting good. It’s amazing how it all started with an investigation into Trump and now it’s turning into an investigation of the Obama administration.


Um, anyone else notice N Korea is now talking unification with S Korea? N Korea is sending athletes to the Olympics. They are competing under a unified flag with the S Korean athletes. The two are combining to send a women’s ice hockey team of players from both countries. This is a massive development.


Come on, the food in here sucks!!!


It appears someone is going to jail for taking bribes from Russia.

Now if this was a republican, do you think they’d be mentioning the party early and often? It was a Democrat and how many times do they mention her party? No media bias here.


I didn’t know a governor could suspend a mayor. In most states they can’t do it.


Well, it was the only way for my son and I to have some quality time together…


Um, how is this not major news all over the place?


I think it’s an urban myth. Being seeing this on Facebook from both right and left wing nuts. Along with chemtrails.
MSU is the same school where Nassar molested 160 girls… probably don’t need any more publicity


It’s their actual website though.

There’s going to be a lot more heads rolling. My gf in college had a stalker on the MSU wrestling team. Campus police did zero when he violated the restraining order. I told the president’s office that they deal with it, or it’ll be front page news. They called me back 2 days later. He was expelled. I guess it’s a good thing he wasn’t on the football team, because then the school really covers it up. Most people most not threaten the school seriously enough. At the time, they had multiple riots over basketball team wins. They were very sensitive to bad PR.


Just more investment and job creation in the US.


Science and stuff…

It’s more “and stuff” than science.


That was quick.


Oops, my bad…


I want to know exactly what she bought. One article said it’s a complex financial instrument, and they can’t determine when the stock can be sold.

I’m surprised she’s not protected either. Members are congress are exempt from insider trading laws. They’re allows to buy/sell stocks knowing good or bad news is about to hit. They could all short Wells Fargo before it was publicly announced there was going to be a congressional hearing.


Why can’t she buy tabacco stocks? Tabacco company is doing legal business, right?