It Gets Better By The Minute


Or is this another smoke screen try as a result of the Stormy Daniels interview last night? Yes, I watched it…


So what happened to the “collusion” between trump and Russia?

  1. Why didn’t she say anything before the election?
  2. Do you find it odd her lawyer is friends with Obama and his former chief of staff Rahn Emmanuel?
  3. Why haven’t they produced a smoking gun yet?

It is starting to seem like something the democrats created to disrupt Trump’s agenda after tax reform was such a success.

Also, the stock market wavering over trade wars isn’t a concern for the majority of Americans who own zero stocks. It really only impacts the top 10% of earners. If the end results is China and other trade partners having less tariffs on US goods, then Trump can claim he delivered a second significant campaign promise.

It honestly doesn’t matter what the super biased people think of Trump, since they didn’t vote for him and never would under any circumstances. It matters far more what independents and moderates think. His approval rating among them is steadily improving.

It appears the left is going to hitch it’s wagon to the gun control debate. It plays really well in areas democrats already dominate. How’s it going to help them in the rest of the country? They don’t need a higher percent of votes in SF. If the right had any common sense, they’d run ads on how pathetic the prosecution rate for lying on a gun application was under Obama. Democrats may speak and campaign that they are tough on guns, but laws are useless when there’s no enforcement. Then there’s the whole fast and furious scandal. It’d be pretty easy to paint democrats as just as much pro guns as republicans.

That’s a great question, since they haven’t found any. The only communication between Trump’s team and Russia was after the election during the transition. They communicated with the leaders of every major country during that time. It’s what you do as part of the transition.



What do you think? We know we have a Russian bot on this forum.


I see someone only read the headline and not the article. That’s some real ignorance.




How about 11 million? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:




Remember the riots over this one?


I would gladly change my gender for $50 million. However, I refuse to undergo any kind of surgery… :smile:


Argentina allows people to get any gender they identify with on their drivers license. There’s no need to consult a doctor, get hormone treatment, or have surgery. That’s why he did it.


Jim Wright

Trumpovich: “I have stated my concerns with Amazon long before the Election. Unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state & local governments, use our Postal System as their Delivery Boy (causing tremendous loss to the U.S.), and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business!”

Um, isn’t the Postal Service EVERYBODY’S delivery boy?

Isn’t that its entire function?

Isn’t delivering the mail, the very reason for its existence?

I mean, it’s right there in the name, US POSTAL SERVICE.

And last time I checked, I do pay sales tax on most every purchase made via Amazon. And Amazon itself pays corporate taxes. More, the USPS isn’t run by tax dollars, it’s self-funded via postal fees, and every package Amazon ships via USPS pays those fees same as everybody else. Hell, I sell hundreds of Stonekettle Station pens each month (and thank you all for buying them) and I ship via the USPS and while I offer free shipping inside the US, I pay the postal fees at exactly the same rate as everybody else.

If the fees the USPS charges Amazon aren’t high enough, ISN’T THAT ON THE US GOVERNMENT? I.e. TRUMP HIMSELF?

Moreover, if Trump is really put out by the amount of taxes Amazon pays, why did he just champion massive Republican tax cuts to business and billionaires like Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos?

And then there’s that last bit, “putting many thousands of retailers out of business”

So … what is he saying here? That the GOVERNMENT should maybe manage the free market? <—:sweat_smile:

Because it sure sounds like it.

Uh, no cries of COMMUNISM! from conservatives? Weird. <-----:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nothing Trump says makes any goddamned sense. At all.

Well, I mean makes no business sense. Makes no logical sense.

But, of course, this isn’t about business.

And it’s for goddamned sure not about the postal system. And it’s not about taxes. It’s not even about Amazon’s actual business practices and ensuring better working conditions for its employees.

It, as it always is, is about Trump. It’s about his petty, childish, vindictive need to get even, to lash out at his critics. It’s about his continued and unending abuse of the office to attack Americans.

More than anything, it’s about the fact that Amazon’s CEO owns The Washington Post.




The half-wit was even on his way to court. I hope it wasn’t for another DUI!


This is so funny!


Husband: I, I, tried to pull out in time… I really did!!! (Hey, it’s Friday and I am on PTO…)


Not funny. Just different culture and practice :slight_smile: AFAIK, traditional Chinese family has a sequence of marriage and having children too.


London’s mayor has issued a crackdown on knives, since they have so many stabbing. The murder rate of London has passed NYC. Here’s what the police recently collected.

How many of those are knives?