It Gets Better By The Minute


Trump may be disgusting but he outwits the Democrats everytime.


He didn’t get $ for his wall…What’s he going to do now? Cry like a baby accusing democrats of his own failure to govern when he is having both houses under the control of his own party.

Meanwhile, he is kissing Putin’s ass. That’s something even republican voters are noticing way too much.


What? Kissing ass? Again?




DNC is flat broke. RNC has $40M.

It was idiotic to oppose tax cuts and claim it’d increase taxes on the middle class. People are going to get bigger paychecks, and who doesn’t like that?

The democrats big move was proving they care more about illegal immigrants than US citizens. They turned down a deal that would provide a path to citizenship for dreamers, because it was going to limit chain immigration to direct family members. They insisted the deal include all extended family members. They literally shutdown the government over people who aren’t even in this country.


If the Dems hold on to Nancy and the rest of the 80 year olds they are finished.


Nancy is becoming a moderate. The party is going further left. The base loves it, but independents are even more alienated than ever.


The Dems keep running left. They are so religiously fanatic about their leftist values that they don’t see their future with Lamb wing not the Bernie Pelosi wing.


I just keep thinking what sane person wants to live in a socialist country? History is literally covered with failures of it. I guess it appeals to people that are below average, since they’d get to be average.


The millennials are 50% socialist. They have been given everything free by their parents. And they are looking at Uncle Sam for freebies. God help us.
Rent control was the camels nose in the tent. Along with food stamps rent subsidies welfare free college, free health care for people that don’t work. It is clear that this generation prefers socialism to capitalism.


^The article is speculating (pre-2016 election) on a very narrow group of voters, many of whom may have changed their attitudes after seeing how Trump has “proven himself” in office. Wonder how Russian Americans feel about having an American President as a fanboy of Putin. I got the impression many Russians were/are seeking avenues to get out of Putin’s grasp.


What’s so surprising about that? Karl Marx has always said that socialism will replace capitalism in the end. He is indeed getting his last laugh… :wink:


It’s pretty funny to read some “desperados” are thinking that the GOP will survive this Russian love affair. Americans are noticing that undeniable extortion Putin has over the vulgar president. He was pissed because somebody leaked the information that “smart people” told him not to congratulate a dictator committing electoral fraud but you know, extortion is stronger than dumbness.

The politicians on the GOP are as old as the mummies from the democrat party, but the GOP deflectors, you know, those who voted “third party” (don’t laugh about it) are not telling you anything about it, right hypocrites? Dare to mention the turtle? Sessions, the guy lying under oath and not being punished. McCain?

And, very strange that in places where Trumpovich won by huge majority, democrats are winning. I would say that is very strange, very, very strange. It may be the notion that the Russian grabbing little penis president by the little Winnie hacked the voting machines, but as one guy from the Grabbing Opportunity Party members said “nothing was compromised”. Of course…but let’s spend tons of money and time on Benghazi.


As we further reduce this great country to guano, we have this to report out. God help our US postal carriers…


Do you believe in UFOs?



Man, will the US survive 2 more years??? This is a freaking bad dream…a nightmare!!! Why didn’t you vote, people??? This is what you get, a musical chair game happening with someone new in a chair every week. Anybody who has worked for a large company and has witnessed or experienced this kind of turmoil, knows that means work, real work, is not getting done. Not to say real work was done before in Washington but that is for another thread. How can real work be produced when the head guy is new and needs time to get up to speed but oops there he/she goes again…


Why not? US economy has been on fire the past year. Of course Trump would like to take all the credit. If the engine keeps humming for the next 2 years, high likelihood of a re-election.


I get what he is trying to do for the US and it is somewhat admirable (I guess) but I don’t know if it is wise to play poker with China. As opposed to what The Master once said, “China (not boards) will hit back”…


Let’s have some chicken wings, will ya?

We have learned that United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now very concerned that an estimated one million pounds of rat meat.

Which is being passed off as “boneless chicken wings,” has been sold in restaurants and grocery stores across America.

According to reports, FDA inspectors raised concerns after several illegal shipping containers originating from China were seized by customs at the Port of San Francisco. <---------:rofl::rofl:

It was found to contain rat meat that was meant to be shipped to different meat processing plants across America and resold as chicken. :face_vomiting:


Come on, don’t gross us out…


The Russian consulate in Seattle is being closed. I didn’t realize it was ~15 minute walk from the office.