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CBO projected job creation increase thanks to tax reform.


Better check that stash of old baseball cards…


2.88M… Oh, how so appropriate! You can say “Easy Fortune” especially with that M backing it up…


At the flea market, the story of this guy 15+ years ago. He won the bid on a storage unit. He found 4 paintings which he brought to the flea market. He asked $75 each, cheap people but ignorant on art passed by all day long. He brought them back to his house and months later, a cousin showed up and seeing them gathering dust in the garage asked for their maker, age, provenance, whatever. The guy, as ignorant as me on the subject told him how he got them. So, the cousin goes to check the signature on the paintings and sent them to Sotheby’s for clarification.

He sold 3 for $500K each or more on the auction site, he kept one as a reward. The cousin didn’t argue about the deal.


“Starbucks was built as a company that creates a warm, welcoming environment for all customers. That didn’t happen here in this case.”

They weren’t customers which is what created the whole problem. This is turning into a mess and Starbucks is pathetic for cowering in fear and not backing the employee.

The whole issue started, because one of them asked to use the bathroom. They were told the bathroom was only for paying customers (common policy in urban areas). They were given multiple chances to buy something or leave.


Well, hate to use up one of my posts within the interval, but I had read that there were other non customers technically who stepped in from the rain or weather. Was that ever collaborated? Ok, better go, before Fearless Leader takes my user handle away…


Did the others ask to use the bathroom and draw attention to themselves?

It’s a policy here that bathrooms are for customers only. A homeless guy went outside, peed in a cup, then threw it into the Starbucks.


I do not believe they asked to use the bathroom. But still, how does it get from using the bathroom to being handcuffed and carted out? I mean, he could have intended to wash up before ordering something right?


"Nelson said he asked to use the bathroom immediately when he arrived at the Starbucks and sat down next to Robinson after he was told he had to buy something to get into the restroom. The manager then approached the two, asking if they needed help with anything. "

They were given a few chances to buy something or leave. They refused to do either. The manager then said she’d call the police, and they told her that they didn’t care. She called the police.


Why did they think it was ok to use the establishment as a conference room without buying something then? This is not a public facility like a library.


I have no idea. That’s why I think Starbucks is being weak and pathetic. It’s their policy to not allow loitering and to only allow customers to use the bathroom. The manager enforced company policy, and they throw her under the bus when people play the race card.


I dont know why it is made into a racial thing. I asked to use a restroom in an Oakland market and they told me to leave…A store owner is not required to provide the public with free toilets…probably need signs saying that…I blame March Fong Eu for the problem. She forced the outlaw of pay toilets. Everywhere else in the world you have to pay for toilets. Why should a business owner have to provide a free service?


If you don’t see any problem when there’s a “white guy” on the video asking “WTH” is going on, then you are not paying attention. He seems to understand that same as Barnes and Nobles, people go there to relax and as the story of this unfolds, and as I have done with clients, I go to Starbucks and wait for a while for them to arrive, then the customary question of “would you like something to drink?”. Many people wait there with no product to buy at all. It is what it is and you can’t change such thing or those places won’t be likable anymore.

It may not be a racist thing, but it seems to be the case.


If I am asked to leave I will. These guys were asked to leave. They could have texted their business meeting people to meet elsewhere. If a restaurant or store asks me to leave I will. But will probably never go back. I hate Starbucks. Don’t drink coffee and their baked goods are stale and inedible. Why don’t they serve good fresh food and sandwiches. They copied the Italian coffee cafe model but fall far short.

Italy has a multitude of famous cafes, offering a place to relax with a cappuccino while drinking in the ambience of the local piazza. Patrons of Italy’s historic cafes have included everyone from workers and students to literary luminaries, giving you the chance to unwind in the same establishments frequented by Alexandre Dumas and Lord Byron during their Italian journeys. Many cafes offer full menus, appropriate for both a light snack with coffee or dinner before your evening’s entertainment.
Caffe degli Specchi ( opened in 1839 atop the remnants of the Medieval-era Castello Amarina; its basement preserves some of the castle’s original architecture. Cafe degli Specchi offers a full dinner menu in addition to its coffees and snacks, and its sweets include confections from Chocolate Peratoner. Trieste is in extreme northeast Italy near the border with Slovenia.


Nobody here is going to change the way things are, that is so simple. Starbucks has a “no pressure” environment where you go and sit on a table, wait for the friend, client or loved one to show up, nobody comes to ask you if you want anything to buy, that simple.

The CEO of Starbucks met the 2 guys, employees are going to get to attend to a class on how to treat people from now on, and I believe this was an incident caused by the stupidity of an employee.

By the way, last Saturday I met one of my clients at his place, a taco place in RWC. He said that he has to stay put when he sees an individual taking a 4 place seating table for 2 hours while drinking a beer. That is costly for him since he pays $8K a month x12 = $96K a year for the rent of of the place. But he knows, he assured me, that if he goes and tells that customer to hurry up, he will lose more because the word spreads that this place is not a good welcoming environment for customers.

Now we know how much $ is in the game with this Starbucks incident.

Well, on the same topic, please, tell the ladies attending those Chow Mein places to please, please, smile and be courteous. It seems they get mad when we ask for anything on the menu. They should be happy, don’t you think so?


Chucks Donuts on Woodside road used to have a group of old guys that would nurse a cup of coffee for two hours. New management hassled them. They just moved down the street to MacDonalds. Coffee shops are for people who have nowhere else to go. I never hang out in them …


Poor… business model and then blame patrons for it :slight_smile:


In Italy they have two prices If you want a table you pay more than for a to go cup. I bet in Italy, if the owner wants you out they wouldn’t be shy about kicking you out. Business should have the right to refuse service to anyone. Pulling out the race card is bullshit.
Maybe be they should let coffee shops sell pot like in Amsterdam. Then nobody would want to leave…lol


Starbucks has a good model business. That’s why they are successful. Nobody is showing anything down your throat there. That is something people like.