It Gets Better By The Minute


This would be a significant win.


i sold my vintage baseball cards back in 2010 to help fund my first house, includes a 51 mickey mantle, of course not like the 52 in mint condition, but still price has triple since i sold it. I’m still waiting to see if i could buy another one back now.


Ok, this is taking " one stop shopping" a tad too far, no???


Leafy greens!!! The horror!!!


Uh, hand feeding sharks??? Brilliant…


Come on!!!


Outercourse? Ok, I’ll buy it…


First fake news, now fake zebra???


She had the runs.


When you got to, you got to go:sunglasses:


Last week I saw somebody put a piece of poop on top of a crosswalk button.


What city? SF?

Worldclass city problems.


should take a picture


Is this surprising?


Hey @Elt1,

This is what happens when older folks don’t like to wait in line for food…:grinning:




Yes! Keep getting those free samples and after 7-8 rounds you can pretty much skip dinner. Free meal anyone? :rofl:


Speaking of Costco, shout out to the stranger who helped me carry heavy stuff there today. Random kindness really brightens the day. Thank you :slight_smile:


Poor girl needs someone with strong shoulders to lean upon…


Geez why does it always come back to that? People need to be appreciative for random kindness in this crazy world. Do something nice to others for a change. They will be thankful.