It Gets Better By The Minute



Oh, beat me to it (and I get the Sunday paper damn it!!!). I was actually going to put this under my “Are we for or against sexual harrassment?” thread… good play…



How is there no talk of Feintein’s driver being a spy for China? The guy worked for her for 20 years. That’s crazy. You’d think the media would be going nuts with this story.


I saw a political cartoon about it in the San Diego Union Tribune. No story to go along with it though.


Wow, the 1 article about it on CNN, and they manage to make it about Trump mentioning it. Then they turn it into Russia is worse than China. Notice how they use alleged Chinese spying. Does CNN do that for Republicans?

I expect Fox and Breitbart to be unapologetically biased. The fact CNN is that way should be an embarrassment to the “worldwide leader in news.” All they are in the WW leader in pushing the leftist agenda.


CNN said rating is good. you cannot blame them. money is good.


Exactly. They don’t care at all about news or truth anymore. It’s all about ratings. Headlines don’t even reflect the actual story anymore. They are designed to generate clicks/views. A lot of people only read headlines. The number of times I see an article on FB where someone thinks it proves their point and they clearly didn’t read the article is scary.


It is funny how Bernie and Putin helped get Trump elected. Does that mean the Trump is a communist too?:joy:


He will be when Uncle Xi and nephew Kim are bought as a collaborator too.


That’s what you get for leaving the Fab 7x7!!!


No rent control mate?


From a fan perspective, the stadium sucks. There’s zero air flow inside the stadium, so if the sun is out it’s like sitting in an oven. The concession stand lines are insanely long. It’s literally the worst stadium experience I’ve ever had. Unloaded the season tickets after the first season was the way to go.


The “brilliant” move recently was that since they can’t really fix the sun issue they will offer water at a discounted price. Supposedly, covering the top somehow interferes with the airports or plane routes. Unbelievable… I wonder if the same architect firm worked on the Millennium Tower of SF??? To me, wouldn’t you check for sun patterns since it is an open stadium?


This happened at SeaTac Airport on Friday. That’s scary a grounds crew person can just hop in a plane and take off. F-15’s were scrambled from Portland, since he was heading south. There was speculation they shot him down, but it appears he crashed on his own.


The whole ATC Chatter is posted online. Committed a suicide. Scary stuff.


Well, homeless people do it, why can’t we???


I love you, you love me, I love you, but what a cheap bastard! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Wow, maybe a strip club off main street for pooped out fathers too???


If you don’t see it, well, what can I say about you. :sweat_smile::rofl: