It Gets Better By The Minute


I donated to the ACLU as well. Scapegoating refuges and muslims is despicable and unAmerican.

@hanera American companies should not compete on price. It is a losing strategy. A race to the bottom. Perhaps America needs to spend more of an effort on educating and training our citizens rather than cherrypicking talent from other nations (likely at the other nation’s detriment).


Lowering your cost structure is not synonymous with pricing strategy.


I must say, I have to agree to a certain extent…


By America, do you mean USG, Colleges or Corporate? If Corporate, according to game theory, the one who cheat i.e. don’t educate and train but cherrypick, will win.


America is complex system of individuals, copoprations, non profit organizations, educational institutions and many government bodies. It’s not a simplistic big government. Government should control the border and immigration policy.

The biggest cheaters are illegal immigration and the employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Legal immigration is very well controlled. I am still shocked to hear people to welcome illegal immigration and want to reduce legal immigration.

That’s like increasing law breaking criminals and reducing law abiding people. Liberal’s logic is really hard to understand. Trump is at least easier to understand.

Those liberals are loudly welcoming illegal immigrants, loudly defending sanctuary city, loudly denouncing other people as “xenophobia”. But at the same time, they are secretly and quietly anti-legal immigration and worry that the legal immigrants will compete with them on jobs. It’s such an irony.


Shocked but understood, right? The one who say that has to be an American earning good pay and doesn’t want more competition while using the services by lower skill guys of which the cost would be lowered by illegal immigrants.


This is exactly why Trump won. And liberals still do not understand that they are not better than other people.

The biggest problem of the liberals is their super assertiveness. Liberals need to be humble. Liberals are not better people, they do not have a higher moral standard. As a fact, liberals are committing most of the violent crimes. How can they think everyone else is bad and only they are holy?

You can say all the beautiful things, but your heart could still be rotten when your mouth is only producing the most beautiful sounds. Trump’s mouth does not produce beautiful sound as HRC, but he won even with his non-beautiful sound.

When illegal immigrants start taking over liberal’s job, those liberals will use their super beautiful mouth to deport illegal immigrants. Before that, illegal immigration is beautiful to liberals, but legal immigration is ugly for liberals.

I was really amazed by the lofty goals and beautiful words of liberalism, but some real life liberals I know quickly showed its real face. Everything they do is applaudable and justified, the same thing others do would be evil. All the liberals are good at talking. Is liberalism all about skills of speech?


I remember that someone asks to educate illegal immigrants and cancel the H1B program. They want to spend taxpayer money to educate illegal immigrants to replace legal immigrants and replace the citizens. What a beautiful mind and what a beautiful mouth!


Nah. I love California. I don’t mind living in Minnesota. I went to school there. Great people. Another blue state though.


So people are still beating on the straw man of illegal immigration? You guys are just preaching to the choir. No mainstream politicians are saying we should open the border and let everybody in.

Illegal immigrants from Mexico is actually decreasing. Right. It has been going down.

Overall the total number of illegal immigrants held steady because other countries have picked up the slack. Explain to me how we have a urgent need to build a wall with Mexico.

And you know what will increase the Mexican immigrants again? By tanking the Mexican economy millions will be desperate enough to try get a job here. And Trump is busy working on that.


Trump just reduced legal immigration with his Muslim ban. Did you notice?


Why would people feel safer?

And why are countries like Saudi Arabia excluded? :thinking:


Sanctuary city is a proxy of open border. If deportation is prohibited, illegal immigrants would come.

If nobody is for open border, what’s the problem for Trump trying to reduce illegal immigration? Why do liberal call that racism?

Seems that Trump is doing what Democrats and liberal want by reducing illegal immigration. Right?

Liberals were vigorously attacking Trump for stopping illegal immigration. Now they try to not talk about illegal immigration. By the time for the next election, their candidate will openly oppose illegal immigration. That’s a remarkable change of attitude.

Let’s wait and see whether liberals will start openly opposing sanctuary city for the sake of votes.

It’s all about grabbing power and grabbing votes. The beautiful month is fake, the power and the votes are the real deal


Research what “sanctuary city” means. It’s not prohibiting deportation. This Washington Post article lays it out

It’s controversial even among liberals. I get that.

So let’s stop beating on the illegal immigration straw man. I am most worried about legal travel and immigration with the Muslim Ban. It’s unAmerican and freaking dangerous.

The stocks market fell quite a bit today. What are people worried about? We have extremely high unpredictability and uncertainty at the very top of our government, with grave human and geopolitical implications.


More than 11 million illegal immigrants is a minor issue? And a straw man? Reality does not fake. It was a top election issue and it will be next time. Downplay does not hide it


I actually agree with you we need to secure the border and keep out illegal immigrants. So now what? Are you just continue to single-mindedly focus on this one single issue and ignore the rest? And you are a-OK with Trump’s Muslim ban and restricting legal travel and immigration?


How to deal with illegal immigrants?


  1. Deport them.

  2. Issue work permit.

  3. Naturalize them.

Today’s situation is not acceptable as it implies we can do illegal activities and not be punished.


Must I quote the standard investing disclaimer HERE: past performance is not an indicator of future performance…(blah, blah, blah). Americans (formal definition) come first in my book, not any illegal. Simple as that. Period.


And my point is that this will make America less safe. We are telling the Muslim world we hate them. Will people in Iraq and Iran continue to cooperate with us after we threw them under the bus?

Who are fighting ISIS? Iranian and Iraqi troops. Not us.

I imagine ISIS is busy working on new recruiting campaign as we speak.


President Obama’s approach was to give a free pass to Islam in general and to any Muslims that were just minding their own business. But the unintended consequence is that Muslims have less incentive to police their own ranks. Trump changed that. Now if you want to stay out of the fight against terrorism it will cost you.

So Trump has created a situation – or will soon – in which the peaceful Muslims will either have to do a lot more to help law enforcement find the terrorists in their midst or else live with an increasingly tainted brand. Trump is issuing no free passes for minding your own business. His model makes you part of the solution or part of the problem. No one gets to sit this one out.