It Gets Better By The Minute


What Trump meant to say in his inarticulate way was the Mexican governments in the past have had a deliberate program of exporting citizens they can’t take care of. .Shirking their responsibilities on to the US…And since the US has needed in effect slave labor we have gone along with this devils bargain…Meanwhile it has a destabilizing affect on both countries…However the wall won’t work…The only solution is for Mexico to create opportunities for its neglected under class…


How do you want the government control legal immigration? By definition, legal immigration is fully controlled by the government, one years worth of H1B quota is used up in days,

On the other hand, what’s your position on sanctuary city? Are you against Trump’s position to secure boarder and reduce/stop illegal immigration?


The Mexicans still believe they have rights to our great Southwest…They don’t believe in US sovereignty. …This is a declaration of war…We are losing the war…Our troops aren’t even allowed to fight this war…Remember when Jack Pershing fought along the border against Pancho Villa?..well this war is a lot more devastating. …The Mexican government has a deliberate policy of sending their under class to the US…And both the coporate elites and liberals have supported tht policy. .It was the blue collar working class that has regected it and voted for Trump…it is his number one issue, illustrated by his announcement speech.


for Mexico’s political elite, their support for America’s safety valve-immigration policies is out in the open. Both current President Enrique Pena Nieto and former President Vincente Fox recently praised President Obama for his latest unilateral legalization directives. Meanwhile, the Mexican government provides manuals to its poor on how to break in to the U.S., has provided free legal counsel to illegal aliens caught in the U.S., issues “matricular” ID cards to illegal aliens through their 50 consulates to help them get state and federal benefits and, most troublingly, teach Mexican students that our entire South West region actually belongs to Mexico. In his memoirs as U.S. ambassador to Mexico, Jeffrey Davidow notes seeing polls that show nearly 60 percent of Mexicans believed the region should really be theirs. The truth is of course, as Hansen notes in Mexifornia, when the U.S. “stole” the Southwest there were “fewer than 10,000 Mexicans living in a vast uninhabited area, one that itself had been stolen from Spain, which in turn had stolen it from the Indians.”


Free press is skewed on him. They (press) do not publish correct information to the people right from his campaign time. Even after he won, press is not right about him.

Trump is only pointing media is providing wrong information. He is not against free press, but commenting on FALSE Press information only.


Mexico only had sovereignty over the southwest from 1821 to 1846 and had very few people there.
Less than 10k


Relaaaaax people… Starbucks to the rescue!!!:slight_smile:


Starbucks is the perfect example of a blend of liberal politics and coporate exploitation. …Trump sees illegals as potential terrorists…Starbucks sees the value of their cheap labor…plus they get kudos from the libs for being compassionate. …


If I were a coffee drinker, what would I do???


Media industry is against free press, they want to control press.

Liberals are against free press, they want to control media

Many liberals think that only liberals are beautiful and everyone else Is ugly, everyone else is dumb, everyone else is evil. Is this one kind of political xenophobia?


We need to make sure that Starbucks pays the market wage to their refugee and illegal immigrant employees. No wage discrimination against refugees and illegal immigrants.


I hate Starbucks…But I don’t drink coffee…I bought Peets stock…better coffee…I don’t understand why Starbucks doesn’t have better food…They have to compete in the fast food space and they have customers willing to stand in line forever…Sell then some decent pastries and sandwiches…shouldn’t be that hard…their food is inedible. .


The “hot” coffee around here with my co-workers is Philz Coffee and Blue Bottle…


10% of fast food workers are illegals…


I became a member and donated. I have never been so “politically activated” in my life. I will surely donate more and may look for more ways to help.


I see mostly white employees at Starbucks. Do they have a racial discrimination issue? This 10k refugee hiring might be a cover up.

Many liberals are racists, some are closet racists.


Most Strabucks employees have liberal arts degrees…It is the only job they qualify for…lol


Illegal immigration lowers the blue collar worker’s wage. That’s one major reason for Trump’s win. Educated liberals keep saying that Trump supporters are dumb. So it’s a hatred if people want to control illegal immigration and secure the boarder, but it is not hatred when educated liberals are anti-illegal immigration?

Is illegal immigrant more beautiful than legal immigrant to liberals? I can’t understand the liberal’s infatuation with illegal immigration.


Manch, being a liberal in Cali won’t help. .If you want to make a difference move to the Midwest, being liberal there is tough, but there you can make a difference. …


California has a huge surplus of liberals and severe drought of moderates. Be the commodity in shortage, do not be the commodity in surplus.

Nothing is bad all the time and everywhere. Time and place can make a good thing bad and make a bad thing good.

In California, kudos to moderates, libertarians and conservatives. In Kentucky, kudos to liberals.

Minority is beautiful. Political monitory is the most beautiful thing in the universe. It takes great courage and a beautiful brain to be a political minority.

It feels silly to be extremely liberal in a liberal state. It also feels absurd to be extremely conservative in a place everyone is already very conservative. It reflects a lack of moderation and potential lack of brain power. It’s just a herd mentality plus a desire to stand out from the crowd cheaply.