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I watched some TV and wanted to watch some protests. But surprisingly did not find any protests on TV. What’s happening? Did the media forget to report? Or did the protest end already?

Is Obama’s influence still still strong?


This H1B issue already started as few (almost 5) our consultants VISA are not extended, but held as “Administrative Decision” at embassy for many months. As of yesterday WH briefing Spicer informed that H1B program is under broader immigration discussion with congressional committee for one question about H1B.


If it was held for many months, it’s definitely not related to the coming new changes. Obama only got out of office 10 days ago.

It’s going to be important changes for Silicon Valley. But will it be an executive order? Since h1b is not an immigration visa and is only a work visa, probably president can issue an executive order and congress needs not be involved


All thing stopped after Nov 8th as Admin review


Seems that H1B changes will be done by the congress, not by executive order. In that case, it could take a long time and we won’t be able to know for a whilte


Well, with a Republican controlled Congress it should be faster…way faster (unless he wants to do something absolutely crazy that riles up even other party members)


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) introduced new legislation today to curb H-1B visa outsourcing abuse and to start the overhaul of a broken high-skilled immigration program.

The High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 would curtail abuse of the program which has allowed replacement of American workers by outsourcing companies with cheaper H-1B workers. In several recent incidences, high-profile U.S. employers including Disney, Southern California Edison, and most recently the University of California San Francisco, have made news in this manner.

“My legislation refocuses the H-1B program to its original intent – to seek out and find the best and brightest from around the world, and to supplement the U.S. workforce with talented, highly-paid, and highly-skilled workers who help create jobs here in America, not replace them,” said Lofgren. “It offers a market-based solution that gives priority to those companies willing to pay the most. This ensures American employers have access to the talent they need, while removing incentives for companies to undercut American wages and outsource jobs.”

The High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act of 2017 prioritizes market based allocation of visas to those companies willing to pay 200% of a wage calculated by survey, eliminates the category of lowest pay, and raises the salary level at which H-1B dependent employer are exempt from nondisplacement and recruitment attestation requirements to greater than $130,000.

The bill mirrors an approach to curbing H-1B outsourcing abuse reportedly favored by Trump Administration officials.

Among other reforms, the High-Skilled Integrity and Fairness Act 0f 2017:

Increases prevailing wage requirements to protect U.S. workers by replacing the current 4-level wage calculation with a new, more balanced, geographically based 3-level formula which eliminates the lowest wage level and puts upward pressure on the wages in the remaining levels.
Level 1 = mean of bottom 2/3 of wages surveyed
Level 2 = mean of all wages surveyed
Level 3 = mean of top 2/3 of wages surveyed
Prioritizes market-based allocation of H-1B visas as follows:

  1. Employers paying 200% of level 3 prevailing wage, then 150% of level 3

  2. Employers paying 200% of level 2 prevailing wage, then 150% of level 2

  3. Employers paying 200% of level 1 prevailing wage, them 150% of level 1

Removes the ‘per country’ cap for employment based immigrant visas so that all workers are treated more fairly and to move to a system where employers hire the most skilled workers without regard to national origin.
Raises the salary level at which H-1B dependent employer are exempt from attestation requirements to a new required wage level of 35 percentile points above the median national annual wage for Computer and Mathematical Occupations published by the Department of Labor Occupational Employment Statistics (roughly $132,000), which would be adjusted in the future without the need for new legislation, and eliminates the Master’s Degree exemption for dependent employers.
Sets aside 20% of the annually allocated H-1B visas for small and start-up employers (50 or fewer employers) to ensure small businesses have an opportunity to compete for high-skilled workers, while still protecting against outsourcing.
Removes visa hurdles for students and other temporary visa holders by building a bridge from F-1 student status to Lawful Permanent Residence.
Removes paperwork burdens by streamlining H-1B filing requirements and reducing administrative costs.


Thats right, need a bill. A total of 5-6 bills are introduced in congress/senate. one version might make it this year with input from the rest

Exec order is leaked as well, A study is coming on H1B and its abuses/impacts etc which he wants done in 9 months. Most of them are needed in my opinion.

Indian IT cos are down 5-8% since trump got elected. There is no way around getting IT work done with out indian cos, the model will be changed a little bit

On the visa topic, every attorney/HR is suggesting not to travel at this moment on H1B. With trump, every individual officer both at consulate and port of entry has gotten license to question more/and do whatever they feel like, no standard practices. Visas at foreign consulates have become tougher with numerous reports that I hear


This is the true test of intellectual consistency, and I haven’t seen a consistent response from BAGB. What say you?


User4, I already responded. You can read my posts yesterday


More Trump action expected on the immigration front.

People who use any of those benefits and are in the US on visas would be subject to deportation. And the order would even require the person who sponsored an immigrant into the US to reimburse the federal government for any benefits the immigrant used.

So say you have a green card, have been a hard working bee for many years, but due to no fault of your own you lose your job. Now you can’t get unemployment benefits, even though the taxes you paid over the years help fund the said benefits. You can’t get Medicaid or even food stamps for your kids. Ask for any benefits and you will be deported. “But I paid for it for many years?” you said. And Trump would literally LOL at your face.


VOX??? hahaha


What’s vox?


Trump is American First. And Americans are very happy. Why ain’t you?


US president works for US and its citizens. If he is the president of the Iraq, he should work for Iraq and its citizens.

If some day, Iraq becomes a part of US, US president will work for Iraqi people as well.

As of today, there is no single country for the whole world. You can work together to merge all the countries, but before you achieve your goal of merging all countries, each country should take care of itself as a priority.

Foreigners have no entry right in US. And US citizens have no right to demand entry into other country.


Some Americans are happy. Many are not.

Instead of America First, how about using our brains first? Don’t act on impulses. Think thru the consequences and do detailed cost/benefit analysis. Is that too much to ask?

Also, I can’t escape the irony that immigrants slamming the doors to future immigrants. We should adopt Buffett’s suggestion. Let’s apply immigration laws retroactively and everybody just get out. Return the land to the Indians and stop being a hypocrite.


Good idea but please make it in a volunteer basis. Anyone can leave US voluntarily and there is nothing to prevent people form leaving. Did Buffet leave?

Open border does not work.


I saw this tweet today. I think it is worth a share.