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Sorry, didn’t see it. So you agree green card holders shouldn’t have been turned away? What about visa holders and other people who went through the legal process?


Green card holders can come to US from those 7 countries, please fact check and ignore all the misinformation.

I believe that other visa holders are banned right now, but it’s a temporary ban. Hopefully they will come up with a long term plan.

I believe the ban is temporary and its actual impact is small. They might use the ban as a political statement to counter what Obama has done. After the ban is lifted, we can look at the real policy they want.

It migh be a political trick to make the liberals jump up and down, and make his supporter feel satistified. Their real policy is still unknown. I guess they use this ban as a tool to break political correctness and will prove to people that not a lot of damage is done despite all the media and protesting and all the scary predictions. They may use many similar little tricks to change public opinion without causing real economic and political damage.

I feel that now is a historical turning point and it’s natural to feel nervous, uncertain, and frightened. The actual policy might be as bad as you think, or as bad as the media says.

It’s an ideology battle. It’s a correction after a huge rally, it’s a correction after an overshoot to the left.

From his first 10 days in the office, you can tell that he is very different from traditional politicians, he manages the White House as a CEO. Like or not, he would most likely to occupy the office for 8 years. This is just the beginning, we need to save energy to live the next 8 years, can’t be overly consumed over a few small political tricks and forget about all the other important policies. Illegal immigration is the real immigration issue. Number of Muslims is very small in this country and those 7 countries have very small number of visitors, and USA targeted those 7 countries in the past, it’s just a usual trick.


Green card holders were initially turned away. Where is your vaunted fact checking?


I am not supporting you or him. I’m a neutral between you and him.

You can read his executive order, it did not forbid green card holders. It was left out. They can argue that the border officers misunderstood the order, or the order has an oversight.

I understand that liberals want to make it a really big deal and consider this an opportunity to “catch him”. But if you look at the order, it’s legal. It uses security reason to temporarily stop travelers from 7 countries, it does not violate our law.

If you want to be successful in beating him in 4 years, the best strategy is to find a democratic candidate who hold similar views as him. If the next democratic candidate is tough on illegal immigration and moderate on many issues, you can win. If you continue to be super left and protest and attack, he will have a bigger win.


It’s the execution part. Those guys executing doesn’t know what the hell they doing( pretty normal for our gov employee)

Way too much misinformation from our media . It’s they think what would happened and making it like a news. They are not reporting news instead they’re becoming journalist.


Are you being willfully obtuse? The order states:

Green card holders are immigrant aliens ( and therefore subject to the order on its face.

And regardess of what you think the intent of the order was, the de facto result was that green card holders were detained or deported.

Only after public outcry and court injunctions did the Trump administration change it’s tune. And only after some CBP officers continued to defy the court orders. To the best approximation, the order is not “legal” as multiple Federal courts have found a likelihood that the order is not constitutional.

And you haven’t answered the simple question of whether you think green card holders should have been turned away.

P.S. It’s a neat trick to sign an unconstitutional order, turn away lawful residents, and then backtrack a few days later and say “that’s not what I meant.” Maybe if Trump had consulted with anyone experienced (like the state department) he could have crafted a EO that said what he allegedly meant.


I say it’s time to wheel out the illegal immigrant straw man for another round of beating.


Why stop there?


He would leave if there is no exit tax.


Could be intentionally vague to draw out reactions to gauge his support.


If I were president, I would not issue such an EO. But I am not able to get elected.

When I analyze a policy, I would look at its impact and validity based on objective measures, not based too much on personal preference.

I don’t think it’s unconstitutional. If it is, suit would have been filed. You can have your opinion since you are not working as a journalist. Journalists should not write news stories according to their imagination and their political position.

I am a moderate citizen and I want to stay independent because I think that extremes to either side will block people’s eyes and mind


Fact Check: Suits have been filed. Both in Washington state and Massachusetts.

I am under the impression you support whatever Trump does at the moment. If Trump did A on Monday, you supported it on Monday. Later he changes it to B on Tuesday and you will again support B on Tuesday. A fast follower in tech-speak.

Nothing wrong with that. Just an observation.



The 3-month travel ban during transition of the administration is not what I would do, but it is legal. It’s a ban on specific countries, there’s no legalality issues.

I’m independent and I have no obligation to any party. I try to be a centrist and stay in the middle. I believe that extremes on both end are not desirable.

We live in BA, there is a huge number of ultra leftists. The overwhelming risk for us is the ultra leftists. All of us, including myself, has a leftist bias.

I’m simply trying to help people to get out of their bubble.

As I said many times, Trump is a centrist, he is not ultra left, not ultra right. He is a moderate.

The only thing Trump is unique is that he is not afraid of political correctness. We have too much of that, he’s helping us to look though all the political correctness madness.

I’m not in favor of all his policies, but I do not expect perfect policies from a president. As long as his policies are legal, there is no point to make it worse than it is.

Media is biased. I think many people are misled.


I find it absurd that people compare Steve Jobs as the son of a Syrian immigrant to today’s situation. When Steve’s parent immigrated, terrorists didn’t even exist (or in much much smaller scale). It’s even more hypocritical to pretend that everyone from every country should be allowed in even though that country poses threats to our people (and no please don’t compare to the situation from centuries ago when the ancestors immigrated, it was a completely different world then). It’s almost like people need to see life and death tragedies before they can realize how ridiculous their positions are. It’s not easy to distinguish who’s a terrorist and who’s not, so it’s understandable that they are initiating this temporary ban.


If only they had such altruistic motives for the EO. This is a calculated political move. Trump cares about Trump. He didn’t make the EO to protect America. The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It.


To: dr

A conspiracy theory. Do you agree with the theory?


Trump supports LGBTQ. This will move LGBTQ to centrist position from the ultra left. This has proved media’s lying. Liberals will lose one of their core supporters.


I don’t think that appeasement tactic will work. LGBT know what it’s like to be discriminated. So they will still be sensitive to his other discriminations like Muslim ban


Awesome! Soon we can tie in a few threads here together… any chance Trump eats some chinese food, @manch?