Jason "The Machine" Chan

Since I worship His Highness, I think he deserves his own thread…

The man is all over the West side, Inner, Central, Outer Sunset and now Pine Lake…

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OMG, a Jason Chan listing has dropped its price!!! Perhaps The Master said to make it so, or, are we seeing a change in the Sunset???

Oh no… gilded age is over!!! Brace for hard times ahead!!! :slight_smile:

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Come on, it’s been too long since I have reported on The Machine…

Here, how about 415K over asking???

Hey, this is an old listing…

But it’s all about dat “tunnel entrance” :rofl:

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Yes, two weeks old…fire me!!!

Ok, you are fired. Who’s the replacement? :rofl:

According to listing…and “rare” :grinning: Rare like no waiting for a table at San Tung!!!

I am usually on it, but busy at work, or taking care of Mom, or trying to find a house to buy = less time here I am afraid…

@BAzx was nice enough to invite to his annual CRX Annual Cruise and I couldn’t go because of responsibilities. How was it @BAzx??? Got pics of the parade of CRXs???

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What, no more 999k, Jason???

Wow, 2.1M now!!! Jason, you Da Man!!! How about 505K over asking???

And you thought the above 2.1M sale was impressive? How about another close in the same week at a “lowly” 1.55M for Mr. Machine? Oh, and let’s beat the above one with 555K over asking, shall we??? My god, Jason is just dominating the Sunset!!! It is like the Warriors playing the lil kiddies from the local catholic school!!!

So this flipper is going to turn around and sell it for $3M?

Who knows? The Sunset is not stopping because of no Algebra…

Very unique! I’ve never seen a double hood side by side with a wok underneath… new Chinese kitchen design??? :rofl:

Gee, I wonder who was this house intended for? A lot of Italians wok, I hear…:grinning:

From the looks of it, though, and I could be wrong but I can’t imagine something like that (being only a table top) can produce the real high temperatures needed for true wok cooking. I could be wrong. If the next house for me is something that will require me to redo the kitchen I would probably just build for an extra wide commercial type stove for wifey to have fun with. Def need to look into wok technology for the home…

Like many of you fellow Sunseters, I recently got my complimentary magnet calendar from Mr Chan. Man, the thing that is soooooo darn impressive is how many places he sells. Here is the letter that was attached:

So, think about that for a sec. Say this is his sales activity for 10 months. My Bezos, The Machine sells almost on average a house every week!!! Jason, is truly The Man!!!

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I think this same letter is also in my mailbox in SF waiting for me… I haven’t checked… :rofl:

So, what do you do, declare SF or WC as your primary residence?