Jason "The Machine" Chan

SF has always been my residence… WC was never my residence although I do own one property there… :slight_smile:

I see. I could have sworn you stayed in the East Bay once in awhile.

I do… I have a little something in Concord… those who went to my East Bay tours have seen it… :wink:

Last Sunday I visited SF. Went to eat at a Guatemalan cuisine restaurant on Mission. Then, we went walking on the Marina, in the dark!

Then, I was invited to stay for a few minutes in one of those rented homes. The address was in a type of hill location, cars parked horizontally, and hell I couldn’t stay going around and around until anybody left his parking space. I came home and I added another token of depreciation on my likes for SF.

That city never stops on fixing something on the streets. Gee! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Agreed, there is a lot of disruptive construction going on on Van Ness Ave and let’s not mention down here by the Leaning Tower. Dreamforce is happening this week, so you should be glad you are not here this week. We still have a ways to go to be like The Big Apple though. Here, you can’t get a fine meal at 3am…

What I loved, and my guests did too, is passing in front of the city hall and the other buildings besides it.

Come on, do you know how many homes I sell???


The Machine

The use?

The use?

Is this Avon or what? :joy:

New year… new listing for “The Machine!”


What, another new listing Jason??? OMG!!!


Your boy Jason must be hurrying home for his CNY eve dinner…only three pictures??


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The Machine is getting lazy… I guess he figures the low price will sell the home, not the pics. Happy New Year by the way…

Happy new year to you too! I had your favorite shrimp tonight :slight_smile:

Nice! Homemade?

Yup - sliced in half and steamed with garlic :chopsticks:

Wow, I suspect since you got it presumably today at the market it must have been some jacked up pricing. Normally, I have seen it for around 28.99/lb, so I am thinking you went over that. 2 lbs? More???

No it was $28.99/lb. Small family so only bought 1.5 lbs. Also had greenlip abalone from Costco.

Ok, the store decided to not hose people during CNY. How is the greenlip abalone from Costco? In general, I like abalone, but it can be a tad too chewy and tough. My mom used to have way too much access to real abalone since she used to hang out with those shady types in mah jong parlors. There would be a few frozen ones in the freezer all the time…

The ones from Costco are pretty good, but they recently shrank in size. Of course they are not comparable to the fresh ones from the Sydney Fish Market but close enough.

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Another week, another dollar for The Machine!!!


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