Jason "The Machine" Chan


Happy new year? Are you guys on drugs? :laughing:

I am kidding you!

Happy new Chinese year! :crazy_face:



Oh hum, just another listing by The Machine…


Come on, Machine, that’s it??? 1.38m for a detached, wide lot Sunset home??? Refund your commission!!!


Lower level ceiling is too low to have any development potential. Cost of raising the house to increase height is probably not worth the increase in value.

Typical lot width is 25’ wide, right? The extra-wide lot is only 30’ wide. Not a whole lot of difference. With 5’ you can build a comfortable walkway on one side of the house and that’s it.


Still though, unique looking and fully detached should have garnered a tad more, no?


Seller overpaid in 2006. More than 10 years and less than 100% appreciation.


Well, market has spoken.


Of course, Pending, sfdragonboy!!! Because I am Jason Chan, God of Sunset Real Estate!!!


Okay maybe I am slow to this, but apparently Jason has a sister that also works at the same brokerage (Julie). They are cha-ching’ing this one together:


Who wants to be my neighbor? :slight_smile:


What’s the fair value?


Probably $1.65M or so? One got sold for $1.7M a few houses down last month and that house had one more br and bath.


Then I have lost interest. Was semi interested at the list price


This list price is so low… must be trying to win the sales over list price award!!!


You should know Jason’s strategy by now. I thought you were ready to pay at whatever price in order to be @wuqijun’s neighbor :smile:


People would kill to be my neighbor. Grab it while you can! :smile:


I never knew that over $1M is now considered “low”. What can I say the world has turned up side down… :rofl:


Hi @harriet!

I happened to meet his sis at a open house recently. It was Jason’s listing but I guess he was too big to be at such a “lowly” property (a 2 bd condo opposite of Noriega Safeway - 749K list) so he made his sister work the open house.


Next thing you know his children, niece and/or nephew are gonna work at Barbagelata. Might as well rename the brokerage to Chan Real Estate.

Btw why am I covering him? You should be the one doing the work… :woman_facepalming: