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Japanese culture.

A questionable job:

Looking carefully at the website, researcher Fruhstuck is not so sure.
“Some men are featured as ‘new products.’ Each is described with bodily measurements, date of birth and what they offer (mostly conversation, drinking together, etc.),” she said, adding that Nishimoto has even written a romantic advice column.
“All of this indicates to me that this is likely a casual dating site without saying so,” she said, adding that “sex and romance” could be an “expectation on all sides involved.”
“If so, that would simply be yet another variation of a range of such services in Japan that include hostess clubs, host clubs … and similar businesses that provide conversation, flirtation and, possibly, romance and sex,” Fruhstuck said.
“Perhaps there are really people who rent middle-aged men just for consultations and lifting boxes. Who knows? I bet most people would find it creepy to email a random guy on some website to come help them.” However, similar assistant services exist in the United States.
But Nishimoto doubts os


Just keep those jobs coming…

Lack of new construction is bullish for home prices as long as the population keeps growing and those people have jobs.

I think the trend is a bit different. I remember reading about slow down in construction as weakness in the market. Might be making it up off my arse though.

Only in places where government is not blocking new home construction

Construction is historically down everywhere. Nimbyies are national. EPA still makes new development difficult.
Material costs are high. Skilled trades people are difficult to find.

Is the builder profit too slim?

Or is there a shortage of entitled land?

Or is there any construction financing shortage?

I don’t believe labor is the real bottleneck.

In the BA and California labor is a big issue. Hard to get anyone to even return phone calls.

Shovel ready projects are in short supply. It can take several years to get a major subdivision approved and financed

Boy, haven’t had a major repair or project lately, eh??? Please refer to my “Teach Johnny To Lift A Hammer” thread…

I don’t think labor can be a real problem for large construction project. Most of the delays is on the city government. Labor caused delay is minimal. If labor shortage cause a delay of 3 months, government can delay by 8 years.

If there’s really a labor shortage, you can operate a construction bus to transport workers between Bay Area and Fresno/Sac.

The shortage is real and it is national. Illegal Immigration is down. American millennials won’t do manual labor.
And skilled trades baby boomers are retiring.

Besides skilled tradesmen need their trucks with tools,
they don’t ride the bus.


That’s why we need robots badly.

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I asked a few trades men and their wage did not increase that much since 2010, 20% for the last 8 years.

Frankly those are not very good tradesmen then (sorry to say). My own contractor now has such a cushy job for a high, high end construction company that he is getting “fat”. Doesn’t want to do the small jobs (unless for me) or will throw it off to his friends.

Believe me, a good contractor is hard to find and if he is a tad expensive, so be it…

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Day laborers have gone from $10 in 2010 to $25 now.
Skilled labor is now $50/ hr min. These guys are billed out at 2-3 times that, thru a contractor. Go try hiring people. Obviously if they don’t speak English they may be a bit cheaper.

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Roger that.

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All of those people need to live somewhere. If they aren’t buying, then they’ll have to rent.

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