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Don’t you mean Manch’s Choo Choo train???:grinning:

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Build that damn train prompto!!! What’s wrong with people?

Uh, because we have moved on to flying cars???

America’s building speed is just so infuriatingly slow. Come on! Aren’t we the world’s only super power? WTF is going on? Can’t even build some damn trains? China builds their entire freaking network in 10 years. We can’t even manage some light rail lines only couple miles long.

Pronto can only happen in a planned top down economy like China… No public works project can be built fast in California…


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Unions nimbyies environmental EPA rules
Landowners on the right of way… A million noes and a lack of a real need… An ill thought poorly planned project we don’t need.

Love the title. Maybe Linda can come up with a song for dear MB.

Same with his “twin tunnels” to transport water out of the delta. I haven’t heard anything about that lately.

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All government agencies move slow. It’s the nature of the beast. And, It’s actually a Godsend.

If they could move as fast as their supporters would like, we’d be toast. They’d speed into the nearest brick wall. To the detriment of all of us.

The best solution is to have less government building and more private sector competition, filling a need. When one company hits the wall, its competitors will steer away. Creative destruction.


Maybe we just aren’t thinking big enough re: infrastructure projects.

He doesn’t mention how much the dam would cost. I bet there’s a reason for that. Also, isn’t he proposing it be located in Canada? They’d just give us the electricity from it?

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Kill the train to nowhere

The original budget was bogus back of the envelope horse shit. Frankly even the supporters have no idea what the final costs will be. But if they want to go underground form SF to SJ it will be over $200b .

Bakersfield and Madera are small. This train will cost $22,500 per resident of the two cities. That’s insane.

It’s already billions over budget, and that’s on the easiest portion of it to build.

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What if the soil is inadequate? Then what?

Well, what can you do? The price tag is getting out of control as it is. Maybe automated cars is really more of the answer than a speeding choo choo train…

Imagine the underground cost from SJ to SF