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Shoot, a freaking mile in the Fab 7x7 was a billion dollars already…and it is still not done yet!!! Elon, we could have used you and your boring machine…


The California bullet train project took a sharp jump in price Friday when the state rail authority announced the cost of connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco would total $77.3 billion, an increase of $13 billion from estimates two years ago, and could potentially rise as high as $98.1 billion.
The rail authority also said that the earliest trains could operate on a partial system between San Jose and the farming town of Wasco would be 2029, five years later than the previous projection.


Geez, what is the point? By the time this is done, we will have flying cars…


I predicted 2 years ago it wold end up at $120b
Now I thinking more like $200b.
The assholes that come up with these projects have absolutely no idea how to estimate the time and money required to actually finish a project.


When people say we need more taxes to fund infrastructure, they aren’t paying attention to how money is spent. It’s rare a project is within 3x the original budget. It’s typically at least 5x. That’s a lot of other projects that could be done if budgets were hit.


Uh, kinda expensive Fearless Leader…


There’s a documentary on California’s water situation called Water and Power. They should spend that money on the power supply. It’s crazy what’s happening. Farms get unlimited use of free water. Farm workers don’t even have drinkable tap water.