Leaving Bay Area


IQ is only one measure of a person…Drive, work ethic and social skills are more important


IQ is not the most important thing. Agree 100%. That makes the concern of IQ lowering overtime even less pressing. Plus data actually shows the opposite trend.



That’s not good if millennials flee. They are probably the least tied down since not a lot of them are married yet and even fewer have kids. Moving is a much bigger deal once you have kids in school.


That fine, foreigners (rich and poor) always come in to fill the void. We don’t need millennials when there are foreigners. 99% of the people I work with in my real estate business are foreign born or elderly Americans. I don’t need any millennials…


When Bay Areans get fed up with the costs, the congestion and the cluster of it all and decide to relocate, where do they go?

Hint: You’ll need to buy flannel shirts, Seahawks gear and rediscover your love for Nirvana. Yes, the winner, according to an August Workforce Report from LinkedIn: Seattle. Followed closely by Portland, Oregon, and Austin, Texas.

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. In recent years, those cities have been steady draws for Bay Area ex-pats, in part because of an influx of tech jobs in those regions.

LinkedIn’s report showed, for every 10,000 LinkedIn members in the San Francisco Bay Area, four workers moved to Seattle in the last 12 months.


4 out of 10,000 isn’t exactly an exodus. That’s a far cry from the survey that says 40% want to leave. They should report how many people living in the by area are applying to jobs in other cities.



And they’re moving to Sacramento. Enough said… :rofl:


When there’s a recession, these people will come back + more look for job
I remember back in 08-10, seeing all these cars from outer state on the freeway.


Even in the bay area, isn’t tech employment only ~15% of total? What exactly are all the people supposed to do that can’t get a $100K+ tech jobs? There are some medical and legal jobs that pay that well. Most jobs aren’t going to pay that well. You can see it in the median household income data.


there’s a lot of bio tech job here as well
and contractors make decent money(cash you know)


Isn’t it the same in Manhattan and London? Plenty of houses in CCC and it’s really affordable


Rich people are staying put.


Low income could mean retirees. Middle class is moving out, working wealthy stay put to earn their big salary here to pay the big state income tax.

High income and high networth is different.



I led the way. Just a trend setter… lol
Don’t forget to to turn off the light when you are the last one out…


People come here to make dreams come true. Whether it’s for tech people to change the world, or immigrants to get off the boat into a brand new world, this place is for hustlers. Not for everyone.


My parents came here to make their dreams come true. Me being here is just a product of their decision. However, I’ve come to realize that this is the perfect place for me. I think I’ll retire and die here. :wink:


As much as I like to see that happen, this place is getting more and more crowded. But, I can wish many leave and less come here though.