Leaving Bay Area


A few in my generation are leaving…But many more are coming.
BA will keep growing at 100k per year…10m by 2050 is my guess…and by then the gap between Sacramento and the Bay will be filled…a mega city of 20m soon enough…impossible to stop…


Oh boy. I see the Nazis on this forum are talking about sterilization of people. Well, I guess is fair the people who consider themselves “rich” via real estate or stocks think that way. They are the first ones on the line of the firing squad when revolutions happen.

Adam Smith talks about Capitalism. And his thoughts are diverse. One of them talks about the free market, but the free market was a dream. The only “intervention” he imagined from "government was for defense and education.

So, based on his interpretation of the free market, handouts on the name of tax cuts, and deferral of taxes is something the government shouldn’t be involved. Once you extend your hand to receive tax cuts, 1031s, tax reductions, and so on, you are not participating in a free market.

“Before Smith’s book, countries were hesitant to trade with other countries, unless it benefited them. However, Smith argued that a free exchange should be created, as both sides trading become better off. This led to the increase in imports and exports and countries judging their value accordingly. Smith also argued for a limited government. He wanted to see a hands-off government and legislation conducive an open and free market. Smith did see the government responsible for some sectors, however, including education and defense.

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Colorado Springs??? I’d prefer moving back to China before moving there…


Below is Mr. Hick’s home for sale… :smile:


They are not Chinese :rofl:

Rising prices, high taxes and his suspicion that the next big earthquake is just a few tremors away convinced the retired engineer to put his South San Jose properties up for sale.

Main reason is to avoid the earthquake. The rest is secondary.


A free market wouldn’t have high taxes and big government in the first place. Allowing people to keep their income is free market. Taxing income to redistribute it isn’t free market. People paying less taxes is very free market. You need to stay away from topics that are over your head.


I really have an issue with online news . On the SF Chronicle article “Latest Silicon Valley trend: People leaving”:

It says 42 people are leaving the area per month. I assume that is Silicon Valley. If Silicon Valley means Santa Clara county, then that is per 42 people out of close to 2M residents. What is the likely hood that 42 number has an error bar of +/- hundreds. I’d say they won’t even know if the number is positive (coming) or negative (leaving).

Then later, the article continued: “On the surface, 42 people leaving per month doesn’t seem to make a dent. … that it’s a “dramatic shift” from a year earlier. Figures for 2017 were not available.” Huh, what. It is a dramatic shift, but we don’t have past numbers to compare.

Basically, it is just same theme that news like to report: Bay Area prices are so high that some people are fed up. And some (maybe many) readers associate with this and click on their articles. But there is nothing new to report. And at the same time that some outspoken folks are leaving, there are more folks coming.


Sensational news increases circulation. They do all these keeping eye catching title !!!


Another trick is reporting how much money to buy a median priced house. It’s really crappy logic. First of all they all use the stats for SFH and thus inflating the median price to make it look really outrageous. Second, in almost all areas renters are significant portion of the population. So of course median income can’t buy median houses because there are cheaper housing options than buying.


Plus, in the Bay Area only 2% of homes are sold a year. It really depends on what the top 2% of buyers can afford.


They can afford $2M+ So plenty of room to run for lower priced neighborhoods, buy buy buy.


Oh one more bad reporting trick. Every stat that says how outrageously expensive San Francisco is seems to pretend Daly City doesn’t exist. SF is a very small city compared to NYC for example. It’s very misleading to just look at the 7x7 miles and say people need 300K income to afford a house. Complete bullshit.

I hope no future house buyers read those bad newspaper articles and convinced themselves they can’t afford anything. That’d be really sad.


Fake News sells


I don’t even read it. If I see a story on the computer that’s not from from a reputable newspaper or magazine I won’t click on it. I love the ones that start with “Here’s what you need to know about”.



Do I have to believe a cry baby, kissing all from the worst American administration ever, or a well known person?

So you go out for dinner with a wealthy acquaintance. “I’ll take care of everything,” he says, and orders you a hamburger. Then he orders himself an expensive steak and a bottle of wine, which he doesn’t share. And when the waiter comes with the check, he points at you and says, “Charge it to his credit card.”

Now you understand the essence of the Trump tax cut, signed into law a little over two months ago.


interesting way of determining flee rate




Suburbs of Boulder are relatively cheap.