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Alibaba has some fulfillment centers for Tmall but its cocerage is a lot less than JD. I don’t remember the exact stat but JD has some crazy number of people (30%?) it can deliver to on the same day. I even heard people make jokes JD delivery is too fast. You order by 10am in the morning and guaranteed delivery by 6pm.

Alibaba doesn’t have its own delivery fleet I think. What it has is a platform to organize multiple 3rd party delivery companies.

Building fulfillment centers and delivery is very capital intensive and takes many years. Company must care about this customer experience deeply enough to invest in these unsexy stuff. So a big part of the bet is that JD cares more than alibaba.

It now seems amazon is finally building its own delivery team.


We just had an eventful week to say the least…

Apple: 793.6B
Google: 722.9
Microsoft: 679.0
Amazon: 643.6
Tencent: 513.4
Facebook: 511.6
Alibaba: 453.3

Everyone had pretty big drop. What’s up with Google? Tencent held very steady though, and overtook Facebook once again.


How come become drops further away instead of closing up :slight_smile:
At this rate, I would get a free dim sum lunch.


Still has 4 years and 11 months to catch up. :smile:


Google had a bad/weak earnings announcement, so they get punished more as the market drops.


is this because tencent is chinese company, thus least affected?


I think it may have something to do with Tencent being mostly traded in Hong Kong? There is some mainland money doing some bottom fishing and acted as a counter balancing force.

If Alibaba dual listed in HK it will help its share performance I think.


I ran a screen on stocks with market cap between 10 and 30B, ROE at least 10%, and 5-year revenue growth at least 20%. Got 31 names from Google Finance. There are 2 I already know about: Lam Research and TAL, with cap of 27B and 15B. More interesting is Arista Network, that I didn’t know about previously. It looks pretty amazing from the 30-min research I have done so far. Market cap 20B. Could be a 5x’er.


Arista stock has been doing really well for the past 2 years


Not weekend yet but emergency session:


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Wouldn’t it be fun?

Also from the article you can tell right away Seattle is still a little town. One graphics listed 5 most valuable companies and it didn’t even occur to them maybe not all of the companies are American? Tencent is still more than 10B ahead of Facebook.


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Apple: 874.9B
Google: 762.1
Microsoft: 708.4
Amazon: 701.3
Tencent: 537.3
Facebook: 515.2
Alibaba: 471.3

Same order as last week. Amazon briefly overtook Microsoft mid week but didn’t hold. The 600B spot is now empty. Go Tencent!

Apple rocketed up a whopping 80B in one week. :scream:


Apple: 890.8B (+1.8%)
Google: 784.2 (+2.9%)
Amazon: 726.2 (+3.6%)
Microsoft: 724.2 (+2.2%)
Tencent: 541.6 (+0.8%)
Facebook: 532.5 (+3.4%)
Alibaba: 495.9 (+5.2%)

Amazon overtook Microsoft again, now trading even steven $1500. Went up 3.6% in a week.

I feel that both Facebook and Alibaba are still undervalued. Started buying some at-money 2020 calls on both.


You can sell OOM calls against them and generate some yield.


If it’s too far out income is too small. If it’s closer I will be worried my stocks will be called away in an uptrend. I am more interested in selling puts.


and jd gets bombed.

#42 posted a 10-cent net loss per American Depository share, and it posted a net loss per ordinary share of 5 cents. The loss per ordinary share was narrower than the 9-cent loss it posted a year earlier, and it met the FactSet consensus estimate.