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I felt their numbers were good as the loss was mostly investments/research/etc. But i don’t think i have enough skills to read the financial statements to the letter, so can’t tell for sure.


Sure it can fight AMZN and BABA? Actually I find their model looks more like AMZN.



I have been saying JD is the real Amazon of China.

Not sure JD will win over Baba. That’s why I have both. Baba has gone down a lot recently too. FB and BABA are undervalued I think. Have been buying calls on the two.


If FB and baba are undervalued, what about Tsla? :wink:


Tesla should have been bankrupt. :smile:


Shoulda coulda woulda… :rofl:


Hi Hi Hi…I bought GM today :wink::wink:


Look at it


Haters will hate. It’s what they are. I ignore them and cash to the bank as usual… :rofl:


Apple: 894.1B (+0.4%)
Google: 750.5 (-4.3%)
Amazon: 726.3 (+0.0%)
Microsoft: 716.5 (-1.1%)
Tencent: 520.7 (-3.9%)
Facebook: 513.1 (-3.7%)
Berkshire: 498.3
Alibaba: 460.9 (-7.1%)

Alibaba is the big loser for the week! Down a massive 7%. Amazon held steady and Apple actually gained. Google, Tencent and Facebook also lost about 4%.

Including WB to the party for the first time.


Apple: 913.2B (+2.1%)
Google: 808.4 (+7.7%)
Amazon: 764.4 (+5.2%)
Microsoft: 743.3 (+3.7%)
Tencent: 540.2 (+3.7%)
Facebook: 538.1 (+4.9%)
Berkshire: 525.6 (+5.5%)
Alibaba: 488.9 (+6.1%)

Everybody was performing great. Tencent and Facebook are neck and neck. Google shot up 8% to the 800B spot. Nothing in the 600B range.


Apple: 903.3B (-1.1%)
Google: 789.9 (-2.3%)
Amazon: 760.9 (-0.4%)
Microsoft: 728.4 (-2.0%)
Tencent: 563.5 (+4.3%)
Facebook: 537.7 (-0.1%)
Alibaba: 514.6 (+5.3%)
Berkshire: 510.8 (-2.8%)

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Berkshire went down between 1% and 3%.

Amazon and Facebook flat. Gap between Amazon and Google is now less than 40B.

Tencent and Alibaba went up around 5%. Alibaba overtook Berkshire. Tencent will report earnings next week. I continue to think Alibaba and Facebook are undervalued.


looks like oracle is bombed today.


Nobody cares about oracle.


lol, i guess. i just stumbled on it :smiley:


I bought some more fb after first drop, and will probably buy more if it drops down to 150s. Lets see

Edit:premarket not looking good.



I’m holding Tencent only in my IRA account. It’s a long term bet. I’ll see how it goes after 5 years…